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the pasenger front tire is squeaking but the breaks are good, i pulled the tire and breaks off and turned the rotor and it was squeaking?

my temp gauge goes up almost to the red when im idiing

my brothers car stalled and would not start, I found when I pulled the distributor cap off it was not turning so I pulled the timing belt cover off and found the pulley bolt broken. I found this after he tried push starting , he said it was running fine then stalled at a red light, ran the battery dead trying to start car and had someone try to push start the manual transmission car, is there going to be piston or valve damage now? is this a problem anyone else has heard of? please tell me if I should start looking for a used engine or is it salvageable?

1995 Ford Probe: Passenger headlight does not go up when lights are on; driver side goes up and down? What can it be?


How do I remove the Transmission

At the smog test, I was told the EGR valve failed the visual because there was no vacuum (all the test #'s were good). I took it to my local small-town mechanic shop and they changed the EGR valve (for $500) and when I went back for the retest, he said he wouldn't charge me for the test because he said it had the same problem - no vacuum to the EGR valve. Now I am out $'s and don't know where to go from here. Help?

middle plug in front cylinder does not fire or fires intermitenly

just happened overnight, ran fine before.

how can i be sure to replace timing belt correctly when i replace head gasket?

I have a 97 Probe GTS that I can't get to start. No error codes on ODB2 tester. It turns over, plugs fire and get fuel. Engine has compression. New distributor, plugs, plug wires (firing order set per manual). I pulled the crank shaft censor out, cleaned it and did a basic magnetic test on it. It "seems" to be working, however I don't know what voltage readings it should be sensing/sending. Spraying ether into the intake produces a backfire fire out the intake, but nothing to the cylinders. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

My 95 probe will start and idle fine and when it has warmed up it will idle at about 1100 rpms. If i put it into gear soon after i start it, it is fine. Once the car warms up and i put it into gear it dies. The last thing I tried is I rev'd the engine a few times and took my foot off the gas, and it dies. Any ideas? the car has done this now on two different occasions, after sitting for a period of time.

I turned on my heater a week ago and it is not putting out the heat that it did before -- I see that my temperature gauge is not coming up to normal temperature range even if I drive it for an extended period

i cannot find the one nut that is supposed to be inside the car to finish removing the clutch cylinder ? is it under anything else that i cannot see ?

can not locate the ignition module

All of the lights except for the head lights stoppped working and cant find a reason why?

My 95 ford probe engine was sitting for 1 year. It will start up and will idle fine. But when I give it gas, the engine stalls out and dies. There was about 4gal gas in the car so I added 10gals more and some gas additive, but didnt help. All intake and other hose's look fine.

Fuel pump replacement.

My Probe stalls after about 20-30 minutes of driving. No coughing, missing, no warning, just shuts off like the key was turned off. Seems heat related. Runs great until it reaches this point, whatever it is causing it to die. Have replaced temp. sensor switch, fuel filter, coolant fan switch, coil wire. Thought it only happened with AC on at first, but no, did it to me without AC on. Once this happens, it will not restart until it has sat for awhile, like an hour. Then starts right up and runs like a champ until reaches that point again and just shuts off.

When first bought few weeks ago, wouldn't pass smog. Diagnosis was temperature sensor switch. Said it had "open loop" and dumping excess fuel causing gross polluter emission readings. Temp switch replaced, passed smog with great numbers, well below requirements.

I know it probably needs professional electrical and fuel system diagnosis, but want to try all I can before I go pay too much in case it is something I can fix.

Does anyone Know of any easy tricks to getting the starter out of this car

on this car we troubleshooted a short to this fuse

I replaced the spark plugs and found oil leak in the plugs suckets so I was told I need to replace the head gasket , one more thing , the car dies if I come to a complete stop and I was told the throttle sensor needs to be replaced to , so how much for each ? I mean total , thank you

Timing belt replacement V6

to replace the heater core

how do I fix a climate control system when the heater is not heating at all, and the fan control switch only works on the highest setting (setting 4), the compressor only comes on when the fan switch is on anything other than the working setting (the highest: 4) so the A/C doesn't work... the parts all work individually but not together at all... need help, is it electrical? A relay problem?

it wont start unless i hold the gas to the floor then it starts but chugs then soothes out and runs fine happens periodically not all the time new cap,rotor,wires,tps was going to replace the fuel filter but the only filter is in the tank and is part of the pump im at a loss please help will try anything im getting fed up with it.

My probe is acting like the transmission went out but it still moves in drive and thats it. the car wont go backwards in neutral or in reverse.

I want to make sure the speed sensor is what I have to replace. Does the speed sensor control the speedometer.

went to start car and a red light started blinking and the headlights were flashing and the car would not start, we disconnected battery to stop lights from flashing,,what is going on?

Hi, 1991 ford probe here i need some help with. car turns over but wont start, new fuel pump,new relay,and inertia switch seems fine.pump works when jumped.found a couple blown fuses under dash -replaced,there was a wire under back seat going to fuel pump that had 2 more blown fuses,bypassed it for now,now all looks good but pump will not come on...any help?

Ford Probe has Mazda GF4A-EL transmission. Transmission had problem with harsh shift from 1st to 2nd and I did TSB 9774 - 3 weeks later, OD began turning off with failsafe. VSS replaced 9-4-2009 along with MANY parts. Car runs great till comes to Stop and has to wait - then OD light flashes, creep may be gone or sketchy and car lugs through the intersection (but then recovers as soon as the car is under power again). I have bought every book for my beloved car that I can find and when it runs, it is Heaven on Earth. Code 6 (Vehicle Speed Sensor) comes up but I have my speedometer and I have my cruise.

If anyone is familiar with how to fix this Mazda / Ford issue, please help!