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Battery going dead a couple times. Replaced alternator and had to replace it again. Shop said it needed a harmonic balancer. Alternator plus balancer is $1250

Then my left turn signal flashes faster than the right turn signal. Could that prevent my car from not starting? My car starts like it wants to turn over but it feels like there's no fuel getting to the engine.

When turning, even as tame as entering a parking lot, or bumps as tame as a speed bump at appropriate speeds, a quick creaking noise is heard coming from the dashboard and/or center stack and console. I can mimic the noise by pushing just beyond gently on the surface surrounding the radio and HVAC buttons. Trivial amounts of slack in the superficial components is not of concern to me. What I hope is not the cause is chassis flex. The noise occurs mostly during events that I would hope are not forceful enough to cause chassis flex.

Hi, I have to replace my driver side door on my 2000 ford mustang bass model.. I went to the junk yard and seen some pretty nice doors there. I was wondering if an 01,02 or 03 will fit my 2000 ford mustang? Or what years will fit my 2000 mustang?

right side door window just stopped working. are their separate fuses each side. what else could I look at

The check engine/service engine soon light is on. I had the code pulled at Pep Boys during an oil change and it's P0340.

The symptoms are on a cool morning, like under 60F, the car will stall out on the first start. It will start normally after that and for the rest of the day regardless of how long it's been off.

On cold mornings I've tried turning the key to on a few times to get the fuel rail repressurized in case it was a problem with the fuel pump, but that doesn't prevent the engine from stalling the first attempt.

There doesn't seem to be an easy to diagnose problem with the alternator. Going by cabin light brightness: all additional loads like headlights and AC blower only cause a very brief dimming before returning to normal brightness and staying normal after that. That's not exhaustive testing, but the alternator is often the cause of the problem with these symptoms.

The car runs fine otherwise. It has a 3.8L engine with 89,000 miles on it.

Are there specific things I can to check with basic tools and a multi-meter? I need to solve the problem because I have a smog check coming up in August so I need the code fixed to pass.

Thank you for any suggestions.

I recently had my brakes and routers changed on my Mustang and the brake fluid is full. When I go to stop the brake pedal goes to the floor and it won't stop what am I missing

I have a code reader and this event leaves no code behind, no pending codes either. When this happens the engine temporarily losses a significant amount of power.

It ran hot put coolant in it the next morning cracked it up an coolant started pouring out the tail pipe any suggestions

If i rev the engine or go fast my engine steams, is it a loose hose? How much will it be to fix

I have to set the egr code for smog and drove 600 miles before taking it to a mechanic for a drive cycle its taken them eight days and they're still getting it to set. As for the coolant temperature sensor, another mechanic was commenting on it not possibly working properly, so would this be why the monitor has not set or would more driving be the case

If u have any idea as of why please verifie

I believe my convertible top is sagging down more than it is suppose to be. When I shut the doors, both windows end up on the outosde of the convertible top. I have to row them down and back up for them to go in right. And even after thay, when it rains water leaks in from the top and side(there's a gap in the side sepreating the front and back windows which is suppose to be connected and have no gap). How should I go about getting this fixed and about how much will it cost including labor and everything?

Car has 240,000 miles. I am wondering if it is worth fixing. It is a 5 speed which has giver me years of excellent performance

The check engine light is on and at idle the tachometer fluctuates between 650-1100 RPM. I went to an AutoZone and they got an "error" reading when they went to check the codes...

My car hows 2 kicker 10's, a new touch screen double din radio, and a flowmaster axle back exhaust.

The wheelbase on my front driver side is pushed back a bit.

how much should it cost?

drove it. Today motor is frozen. and found shaft broken on synchronizer. What happened?