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The brakes are fine. The bolts fell off of the brake caliper. The brake caliper & fluid was replaced. The Brakes still do not work.
What could be the problem. Had enough the bolts fell off while caliper and I lost my brakes. What could be the problem.
had new brakes and rotors put on a week ago. Have not had any of the symptoms that it has gone bad, just the word of ford dealership two days after buying brakes and rotors- ususal?
what would make the new alt. and battery fail
You go to turn your car on whether you turn the key all the way or not there is a repetitive quiet beeping sound under the hood near the battery fuse area the car still runs fine just wondering if it's a warning something's going bad or if something is bad
Ford Fusion 2013, have new part, coolant temp sensor. When removing bad sensor, clip fell thru, I thought thru motor area​ to ground. Can't find it anywhere. Is there some generic or compatible part can be used. Sensor had to be special order. HELP!
Dashboard. Light looks like a wrench
Why wouldn't car drive with over heating light on? Is engine ruined? Was going to just drive very short distance.
i am willing to buy a car ford fusion 2008 130k miles ?
How to switch to a digital speed display?
A couple days ago the car radio display won't work. You can see the time and date but it won't play music at all well a few days later the car is saying it's overheating and does not want to turn on.
I have been told that the transmission has a bolt that you remove on the drivers side of the transmission when filling to add the proper amount. I see three bolts that fit the description all in that same area. Help!
2017 fusion has recommended air pressure . Light comes on. Replaced senor but the light was still on and where the psi number should be there is still 2 dashes there. What's the problem please help
The problem occurs when i accelerate fast and it's also making a constant squeaking noise from the front passenger side.
It just turned on this morning
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