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I had my battery replaced 3 weeks ago, every since then my car has a vibration while in drive mode, so much so that when I'm at a light l put it in neutral and the vibrating ceases. Also l noticed that the RPMs are running higher than normal. For the last 2 years l have reported acceleration issues and fired couldn't find any problems. Now that had gotten worse also. Also when l start my car it kinda "jumps" for lack of a better word. I took it in to ford this morning, and the guy kept turning the key,l heard my car turn over but he was still cranking my ignition. He said it would cost me 155$ for a diagnostic check. I don't have that kind of money. Could this problem have been caused by the replacement of my battery? I'm not sure if I have a chip in my car but l think so cause ultra a 2012, l have never taken it anywhere except to ford for engine services except this time they told me l could go to auto zone and they installed my new battery. The person that installed my battery said that if l have a chip in my car than they weren't going to install it, but I was reassured by ford that it would be okay. Please help! I Ann a lyft driver and An Amazon delivery person and l need to work! Will it hurt my car to continue to drive it the way it is? I have to go out and make some money, so a speedy answer would be great! :-) you are truly appreciated! Thank you for this web site!
trying to start car and it won't turn over.
Every now and then, when Im driving, my air conditioner just comes on by itself. Why does it do that?? I have a 2017 Ford Fusion.
Car won't start
Wrench light on
Happens very rarely, whether the car is hot or cold. The Electrical system was checked with no remarkable findings.
I took my Fusion in after losing power on the freeway 7 times in a 24 hour period. Dealership told me Ford issued a recall on the throttle body. When will people receive the recall notification ?
Im trying to decipher the numbers on the latch section to see if i got actual ford parts during the replacement.
Replace module but car won't start . How do I reprogram the keys to match computer.
Wrench icon came on. The Car has loss of power when accelerator is pushed down like it did not want to increase speed , seems to idle high and is not shifting into gears when it should .
Remote to car does not open car or start it. Battery in remote is good. Car is dead.
The starter and battery are good. lights come on. starter turns over good, but engine will not engage.
Left sunroof open overnight with a little rain - now key stuck in ignition. Will come out only if I mess with the shifter for a bit.
It is full manual steering!
Car ran hot and now a w is coming up on dashboard
Low beam light blown need to replace can't find it
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