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the car is a 99 ford escort,and i am attempting an engine swap
I am having problems getting the old key lock/switch out. I need to see how to do this or talk to some one who knows how to. PS I have a learning disability so if their is something to see I can do it.
my ford escort is making this squeal noise when i hit the brakes does that means i need brake pads and if so how much should i paid to get new brakes ?
AC hasn't worked for a couple of years - you can turn the AC on and it blows just fine, but the air is ambient temperature. My father has charged it with freon once or twice, and I will have nice cold air for maybe 12-18 hours... then it's gone. He's sure it's a leak, but doesn't own the specialized equipment to find it with the refrigerants they use these days. I'm trying to decide if it's worth taking it in to find the leak, but I seem to get told I need a lot of unnecessary work done when I go in to places - would like an objective estimate/ballpark figure first.
I've got some burnt wires that I need to trace so I can find my short .
I've got some burnt wires that I need to trace so I can find my short .
We have replaced the high pressure switch and the relay module. The problem started with the AC not blowing cold air, just air from outside. Now, the air works, but when the dial is in the AC position, the compressor will not shut off every so often like it's suppose to. When the dial is turned to off, the compressor goes off, just in the AC position it never turns off. Does anyone know if its the switch or the module that's bad? or another problem with a different part? Thanks!!
where is relay that powers clutch to a/c at/low pressure
switch on a/c suppose to have power on it
horn started to sound so unhooked it then in about two days the parking lights started to stay on
I am not sure what additional details are needed except that it is not working and I would first like to change out the bulb before I send out my next question.
I have replaced spark plugs,wires,also replaced lifters,gets compression with valve train off.Is it possible piston ring is stuck or broken?
sometimes my car sputters (like it may die), sometimes it drives fine. it is hit or miss. it tends to be ok with short trips, but, sputters on longer ones. after driving it more than usual the other day, it was sputtering. when i stepped on the gas to drive off of my street it died. (this is the first time it actually died). it shut off, power out...had to restart with the key. at first it would not restart...only sputtered. and then when it would start, when i would step on the gas to move would die again, and i'd have to restart it. it's at the mechanics now. he said he took it for a test drive and it didn't do anything. (like i said, it's hit or miss). so, now he is guessing at what it could be, and has so far come up with mass airflow sensor, fuel line/fuel pump, coils, and several other things. i need to know the actual part that needs replaced, i cannot afford to pay for multiple maybes. has this happened to anyone else...and if you know anything that could help, it would be much appreciated. he also said that he ran it for codes, but, nothing came up.
I check the oil every day and it gets low either sitting or driving it. I put about half a quart in so it doesn't over heat....what needs to be done for temporary job?
Manifold loose from the cylinder head, missing and broken bolts, and cylinder head (MAY) be stripped out. Cataylic converter rattling.
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