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Im new to this site ans was looking at the recall notices and they also listed "TSB" or technical service bulletins. I was wondering what they are and what do I do if my car has issues related to some of the tsb's

my tires are wearing out extremely fast on the outside on the front of my car. the back tires are fine. i've heard that it could be the suspension or that the tow needs to be adjusted? any advice would be great. cuz i've gone thru two sets of tires on my front end in the past year. thanks =)

I am having air conditioner problems and would like to try and figure out if the compressor is out or if it might be something else. My air worked fine on the way to work and when I got off it was not blowing cold. The next day I took it and had freon added. He did say he had a hard time getting it to take freon. It worked fine when I left there and went to work. The next day it was not cold again. I assumed I had a leak. A friend checked the freon and said it showed to be full and said that there is some kind of overfill and underfill switch on the compressor that might have shut it off. Has anyone heard of this? My other question is if the compressor could be out. I didn't think so because of it not working the first day and then it did work after adding freon twice. Help Please.

as above car is now dangerously overheating.During winter and spring the temp. was OK unless I pushed the car, hard.The catalytic converter is also about shot.

I have a 1993 Ford Escort wagon with all the symptoms of an oil pump failing. Only has 71,000 on the engine (senior citizen owned before me. I'd appreciate an informed opinion as to cost. Does the engine need to be removed could it hopefully be as simple as dropping the oil pan; assuming the pump is located near the oil itself?

'96 escort 3door hatchback, drivers side seatbelt didn't open or close when door or ignition turned on, set in the closed position like you are wearing a seatbelt. saw two wires coming from a plastic access plug, connected them and the seatbelt opened. Now it won't close!!! What is the cause of this, I have checked fuses, they are all good. Thanks for the info

This is my son's first car, has about 160,000 miles and has started locking up with anti theft shut down where the switch will turn, lights on the dash but starter will not engage. If we wait hours (minimum of 2-3) it will then start. Have stopped using the clicker in case that is the problem it is very worn out. Don't want to spend lots on it cause it isn't worth it.

runs rough all the time,changed wires and plugs

how to i get the water pump out

we just changed the engine in my ford escort gt. we've changed the coil, sparkplugs, and distributar cap. i've also tried the coolant sensor. i don't think that the coil is sending spark. we've checked and made sure everything was hooked up and also checked fuel inertia switch. sounds like it wants to start but with no spark. what could be the problem

my full pumpe is working. full lines are clear to the engine and wont turn over

have no spark and no power going to the fual pump changed compter and box to spark plugs and all secores

The a\c on my 2001 escort zx2 works great part of the time and then suddenly quits blowing cold air. Someone told me it could be some type of connection with the wires that someimes wiggles loose. But couldn't tell me where it is. Does anyone know about this, or if that would actually be the problem?

do i have to lift the motor to replace the belts? both the alternator and power steering belts are gone this is no factory air

My car has been having a problem, when its warm outside normally above 90 degrees it will stall out and will not restart untill it sits for a minute or two then after about 5 miles of going at a consistent speed it will stall out again. I have also noticed it will cut out a little when i get on it, i replaced the fuel filter but that did not help anything so my next guess is fuel pump or IAC valve. Any help would be greatly appreciated

my niebors car wont start, isnt fireing, the alt belt broke and slung around and hasnt cranked since. why?

i just need the spark plug gap.

can u provide a routing diagram

I have taken all the bolts off of the oil pan, the only thing that is in my way is the muffler. The muffler is not letting the oil pan come loose. Any tricks that can help me?

radio lights will not come on, overhead lights will come on, but not dash

all of a sudden

bought the car about 3 months ago and the ac work fine now all of a sudden its hot out and the ac is not working,it that it has no power going to the pump

My water pump needs to be replaced. I can manage the job, I'm pretty handy, I just can't seem to get the timing belt cover off. Any suggestions?

the ac in wifes car went out. replaced the clutch and realized there was not power to it. then replaced the ccrm (constant control relay module)then chrged the ac. while charging it cooled for alittle then stopped. we put 2 and 1/2 cans of 134. still not workinfg properly. on our way home it started cooling ice cold. the next day on her way home from work it stopped again. replaced the low pressure switch and still not it works sometimes and sometimes not. what is going on? can anyone help?

I can not get the timing on the cam correct

After the car has been running for awhile the check coolant light comes coolant needed though.

where is the ac compressor relay switch located on my car?

How much should it cost to repair a rear turn signal on my 199 escort?

I have a rear turn signal out on my 1999 escort how much should it cost to rpair?

I have been told by a trusted mechanic that both rear coil springs are completely broken. can I continue to drive this car? what are the risks?