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I get in my car and when I brake for the first couple of times it seems my ABS brakes are on. It has that pumping feeling. The ABS light is on and stays on. After a times of braking, the pumping feeling is gone and it feels like normal braking. Whats happening?
I was rearended hit in the passenger rear, it doesnt look that bad but the toe guy says its prob totalled, waiting for the adjuster to assess it , just curious if the muffler is pushed up etween the body and tire and I could barley drive it to the side of the road, what is the chances it has frame damage? thanks
I have to pull over and shut it off and it restarts but it's happening more often. Someone said it's a computer that needs reset?
Also how can I test my voltage in the alternator
where is the ac place on the engin to charge it and what is a better brand to use I am 63 and a woman and have never done this before
Battery light came on. The next day my vehicle turned off completely. Had to get a jump to make it home. Dash board was going haywire. Alarm went off a few times
no check engine light, misfiring, when idling and running, I have replaced all 6 coil packs and spark plugs. all vac lines are good, and in there spots. rough misfiring from 0mph-30,30-50mph smooth, above 50mph very rough and misfiring.
I have a 2004 Ford Escape 30k mileage that has not been driven in a year. What needs to be done to get it back on the road? There was nothing wrong with it prior to not being driven. Can I just charge the battery and drive it without breaking down?
Hi guys I'm trying really hard to figure out what's wrong with my car ive had it parked for about a month now and haven't been able to get it up and running..okay here's my issue my Car currently has electricity ex: windows locks lights ac and radio. The lights on the dash are all on and my odo reads ----- when the ignition is off it reads my current milage which is 155299 i had a friend connect a computer to read what codes would come out but he said it read error no ecu but I had just replaced it and also replaced my starter motor,battery,fuses,coils,spark plugs, ignition key,etc the only thing I haven't changed is the wiring car doesn't make any clicking noises at all.I don't hear anything when I try and start it up..I haven't been able to find what the problem is.if anyone has delt with this type of problem please let me know!
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