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will start first time then no start! replaced ECM Ignition coil & ignition cylinder, cap,button,starter relay & starter.As soon as it warms up the same problem occurs at varying intervals. its getting very old is there a real world solution always been a ford man please help.
I seen on this site that the actuator might be broken. where is this actuator located & can I do this myself how much does this actuator cost?
Think it is either Transfer case wear, Replacement PS Pump Pulley pressed on wrong or Trans filter needs changing. Accelerating under bridge hear some sort of exhaust leak reflecting on wall when Accelerating. Changed PS Fluid to Mercon V and it is a little less. Thought it was tire related but it is smooth when cold
1994 ford bronco5.0 engine
I have a 1990 5.0l bronco five speed, sometimes when I start it shell fucking fly like a mustang and make it to 6000 rpm with ease and and then others she's slow as shit and doesn't like to go beyond 4000 rpm, any ideas why it does this? I'd really like her to run fast always otherwise she has no power.
When I first got it;it ran fine then I noticed the timing went out of whack it runs hot and when you drive it maybe 9 miles after it hears it will not start after you shut it off. Looks to be rebuilt? Suggestions?
It drove fine on the way home, idle was a bit lower than normal. Didn't drive it the rest of the weekend and problem happened this morning.
You have to manually shift my tranny cuz somebody put a new one in and they rigged up a metal wire that is going inside the pan and it is loose and means no gasket is on the pan. Now I drive thru water and all it does is bogg down and has no power at all. The o/d light keeps blinking now since I got the water in it. What do I do to fix it?
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