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I have 2010 dodge sxt charger & won't start... I have a new battery , had the engine replaced, new starter & all the lights come on.. I don't know what it could be I called about the recall and they told me they couldn't help me

A high voltage sign came on cut off the car what happened

This is the first time my car does this.. It has never had an issue with it my key when I put it in turns all the way but car doesn't start?

my husband left the lights on at work had to get a jump off. the next morning had to get another jump off. Went to o'reilly's the battery tested good. no check engine or esp indicators ever came on. Got up this morning and had to get another jump off. What is the problem?

it shuttered going up hill, slowed down for a traffic light, went to give it gas and it had a couple jerky moments. long story short, it went into "limp mode" forums are saying trans pump, or "TC" coded from AutoZone: P1004, P0137, P0732 x2, and P0733 x2. added 1 quart of trans fluid before lookin at forums. Now kinda whisin I didn't. It didn't help the whine. still there.... Please help. what is it, is it under a recall? how much? is it a DIY??

car seems to shudder around 1k rpm as you slow down . car shifts with no problem normal or full throttle engine is 5.7 hemi

I was driving and my start to act like it was in neutral and I saw a white milky transmission oil on the ground

It shifts good through all speeds HARD and when down shifting the engine binds up and downshifts HARD. Coming to a stop sometimes it will kill the engine as if you forgot to push the clutch in on a manual trans. But it starts up fine and drives ok again except for the hard shifts.
Any ideas??

sometimes it does stay on but very rarely

replace brakes have anything to do with it? brakes replaced 2wks ago, problem just started.

My Charger Have Been Being Funny In Limp Mode & i dont wannt drop in another tranny for $700+ but i need help..!

Just changed the battery, had a bad battery but when connected that light stay on (esp) light. Please tell me or give example how to get it off.

How I can install the u-connect sistem in my car and how repair the car plug

Do I need a new starter or something

It was low in oil but it was not out

Light only comes on when I'm driving and i come to a stop.

The check engine light flashed after the vehicle shut off, but then went out. I could not get the vehicle started again. I have no idea why the vehicle shut off. There are no codes showing on the dash. I have a 2010 dodge charger 5.7 hemi with 67,000 miles on it.

Also my esp/ abs light comes on . They said it may be a communication issue ,