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This something that has been a common happening since I purchased this van in 2007. When I'm in motion, the temp gauge will move just a little either up or down toward the center mark. It has even gone above that mark but it always comes back down. I've taken it back to the dealer on five time when it was still under warranty but they claimed not to be able to find the problem but clearly there's a problem.
My caravan is a 2000 dodge caravn i spliced all the wires together there are some that i dont have on my car but everything works except the passenger blinker light works but in side the car it flashes fast and dosent flash outside in the headlight any sugestions??
put new fuel pump in it but now there is no juice going to fuel pump. it has spark from the spark plugs. we can hear the pump come on when key is turn on but not started.
som of the wires are torn off inside the body cant get to them any sugestions please
I cannot find the fuse for the power window - it has stopped working. the fuse is not in the usual box under the hood and I cannot see a secondary fuse panel under the dashboard please help
The beeping seems to come through the speakers. The stereo has been turned off but the beeping remains. The beep is most like the sound you hear when you have call waiting. Thats the best way I can explain it. Please help.
i replaced cluster body control module speed sensor and output speed sensor with no luck what should i look for now two codes p500 and p500 pd
i fill it and then i noticed steam from under the hood so i filled it again and same thing.what is the problem??what can i do??
when i turn on the van all the lights on the dashboard light up in go off-- accept for 1 my "oil light symbol" it stays on but as soon as i start the engine up it goes off. I must say when i brought this van i check the dip stick when i got it home it was practically dry so I poured a quart of oil in it , I figure that was cool-- but now I'm not so sure , this is the same thing that happens with my other car too but i had a oil change on that car in the oil light still stays on when i turn the key to the igntion and all the other warning lights go off-- intill i start the engine up then the oil light goes off too just like the van--- whats up with that?
My dodge carevan will not start after engine has been replaced
when it stop , i turn the ignition but does not stay on , but after ten minutes it turns on and stays on
I bought this van from a friend that had taken it to the dealer because it died on him. The dealer gave him a quote to repair the van and said the Body Control Module needed to be replaced. After I bougth the van I picked it up at the dealer and it actually drove for about 10 miles and died. While driving the instrument cluster was not working and it was driving like it was only running on 4 cylinders. I had it towed to my house and as soon as it got there it started right up. I order a used BCM (same year and part number)and installed it and everything worked great. I test drove it for about 30 miles and was on the way to the dealership so they could flash the computer to get back my original miles on the odometer, when it died on me. I parked it and came back for it in a couple of hours and It ran fine. The code U110C came up. My question is, Do I need to have the computer flashed so it can comunicate correctlly with every other component on the van or might this be a bad BCM?? Thanks for all your help.
i have a 2005 dodge caravan when you open the sliding doors either side the parking lights start flashing. you close the doors they stop. then late at night they start flashing again on and off threw the night. what can it be there is no alarm system or key fob for this caravan.
I was driving down the road, lost power, plenty of juice, radio-headlight all working. Restarted once, died, the next morning it restarted once, I shut it off, would not restart. Making a click (only 1) and at low tone like a bump noise, when you try to start, starter does not engage at all.
When I turn off the vehicle, back lights and fog lights will not go off. I was disconnecting the battery and now it wont stay running. I want to know where I can take it to get it fixed.
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