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When I stop I have to restart my car so it goes back into gear. It has no problem in reverse. When I can get it to 30mph it don't come out of gear & will run fine
checked oil for water,none,water for oil ,none.Waited 24 hours and checked sign off blowed head gasket. tried to start doesnt seem to be firing I am far from a mech.just need to know if it is blowed or worth trying to fix
I hooked up my verdict and it told me it was the Key. The car started and ran for about 2min.then quit. It would not turn over and it is not drawing a lot of juice from the battery.
White smoke is coming from under the hood like it's overheating but the temp gauge never moves. Refilled the coolant but it's still doing it the same thing. Possible causes and ways to fix them.
Got the v6. Changed distributor,cam sensor, crank sensor, changed all fuses.ignition switch. Changed fuel pump. Still No spark. Bypassed my auto shutdown relay n I get a clickingby my crank positioning sensor. Can't find the reason for No spark.
how to change the water pump on a 2.7 v6
Someone tried to steal my car and the ignition was out. My friend popped it back in and attempted to crank it. It crank a few times but wouldn't stay cranked. Now it won't crank at all. I'm not sure why and have no idea where to start.
Idle changes when you change gears.
Can push car like it's in neutral when it's in any gear except for park.
Car was fine one night then not the next morning.
Checked all fuses in both fuse boxes.
I have replaced a bad battery, turning the key to art and releasing it keeps on trying to start, but doesn't. I have to turn key off to stop starter. Is it the ignition switch?
None of the four windows will operate. Not by individual control or by drivers control. Moon roof works fine. For about two days, they would work then not work. Now, nothing. Luckily, they were in the up position. Before that, there were no problems.
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