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The oil light will say low oil pressure but the truck starts right up and oil pressure is normal. Only happens once in awhile in the past 8 years.

I can drive over larger bumps and not hear a thing.

Change oil light comes on every time I turn the car on, but goes off about 30 secs, even after getting oil changed.

Only works a little. Makes a crunching noise.

It cracks but wont start wait 10 to 20 then it starts right up then it's fine the rest of the day

I had checked oil and at the tip of dip stick it was coated (I mean coated like it had been dipped in liquid plastic and was orange) and the oil itself reaked was very orange in color and also reakes of fuel .

The heat blows all time can't change to cold the ac compressor running but still hot air and wwont switch over put new heat an air control switch in still same thing I'm lost it blows thru defrost an floor but constant heat all time didn't do it till had transmission built is there something they left off or didnt reconnect?

Also my car starts intermittently when I pull on the bright lights on the multi-purpose switch the car will start sometimes

Three mechanics have look at the truck. Two of them thought the compressor clutch was getting weak. I took it to the third shop and they replaced a perfectly good compressor and the pressure switch. The AC will work for days sometimes without having to pull the fuse. Right after we got it out of the shop, my wife had to pull the fuse about 5 miles from our house. The other day she had to pull it twice. Our temps has been in the mid nineties for over two months and pulling the fuse is really getting her pissed off. Please help me sleep at night. Let me add, everytime it has been looked at, the computer says nothing is wrong.

the truck with something. Now the seat wont go back all the way.

I have a 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer Ext Lt 4wd; I have a problem with my
4wd engaging it seems, when I put my suv in 2hi, it makes loud grinding sounds when it goes in to gear and feels like it is netural will not drive also does the same in A4WD. It would drive in 4wdHi with no grinding noises or nothing but now it is starting to do the same thing in 4wdHi; last night it locked up on the highway and when into park mode at 60 miles while driving all of sudden. Was able to safely get it to the side. Was able to get it home in 4wdHi, but now it can only be driven in 4wdHi or 4Lo but grinding can be heard and now the rear differential locks up and grinding is heard and feels like the brakes are engaged in the rear. So I am thinking the rear differential is shot completely.
Is there anything else I should be looking at also.

Is it dangerous to drive a car with bad tie rod ends

Fuse box under backseat a little wet.

I pull the fuse and it doesn't kill the battery. What module do I need to replace and do I need to get it programed?

Just put rack opinion and power steering pump and pulley belt tensioner in my 05 4.2 trailblazer ls. But when I slow down and turn or I'm stopped and idiling the steering is tight. But as soon as I accelerate the steering is perfect. If the gehicle sets awhile it's fine but run it for 20 min or so the problem reoccurs

How do I fix this problem?

I was driving down the road and my trailblazer just shut off. The gauges were all fine. If I put it in park it runs fine when I go to take off I get a block or two and it shuts back off. No warning light nothing it just shuts off. I don't know what would cause this. Please help.

can't find info. on how to change trans. cooling lines passenger side, having a real hard time can't see to get clips in on trans.any help would be great. a video would be better. no one has heard of lines on passenger side can't get any info.

When I have the air on full blast I can hear what I think is the air compressor turn on. It is very loud and will sometimes even shake the car slightly. It makes a loud clicking noise sometimes too.

camshaft position code came on and replaced. No codes now but noise still there. If you touch bottom of engine you can feel vibration and metal on metal sound. Any ideas? Any recalls

I found out the hard way that my front differential is not engaging.
Any know problems/fixes?

I turn on the A/c and the blower only runs on low. I shut off and restart the car and fan runs normal in auto mode. This happens randomly. Once it works normal, I have no problems until I shut the car off again

I just had my control arm (drivers side only) changed...still making creeking noise... what else can it be??.. sound is only on drivers side...

How do I fix this

app sensor codes P1220, P1271, P1635 5 volt ref,U000

I get one click when I try. What is this issue and what is the fix for it. Please help been lost with this issue

what needs to be done to fix steps please

Replaced fan clutch twice die to ticking sound and sounds like jet engine. All gauges are normal and shifts normally. Any ideas
Plz help

When I start driving and start accelerating it takes longer then usual to kick in but is fine after it does.

Doesn't matter if it's on low or high AC.Seems like it is coming from only 1 front vent.Previously it would run cold and then just for few sec.warm and back.