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There is a steady leak coming from the bottom of the fluid resevour, and I can't see if it's the hose or the resevour stub I have to remove the whole pump it looks like, but I can't see where the bolts are through all the shrouding, do I have to remove all the shrouding? Or is there a simpler way?
Has 175,000 where is the varible timimg sensor so I can clean it, does the cam or crank shdft sensor need replaced.
I now seem to have a leak of just water on my passenger front floor board. Both times I noticed the floor wet, I had been through a car wash but the seals seem to be good. Ican not locate the tube that leads to the fire wall to see if it is clogged. Do you know where it is?
when key is off fan keeps running and fan will not change to low stays high ac and heat work fine
ok so we changed the shift cable in october worked fine now just yesterday my car wouldn't start but would turn over like dead battery finally started but when got home i turn it off and key got stuck in igntion and gear shift was in park but dash was reading 3rd gear so wont let turn on or take key out finally we replaced the gear shift and then took off column cover and used the button to release the key. We cant figure this out. please any help or advice.
this happened two weeks ago. car is riding fine. is this a problem, will it pass emissions with this going on?
Instructions for replacing front struts on 2003 trailblazer
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