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Once it is started it runs fine. It did not act funny driving but when I turn it off it wont start.

i have a noise in the front end of my 2003 Chevy trailblazer i changed the CV joint half axle and still have the noise i see a little movement in the CV joint at the end but the disconnect actuator could the vibration be coming from the actuator ? It seems to shift OK from 2H TO AWD AND 4H and vibrates in all settings.

Front blower will not work, It gets stock in park and will no shift

I will be changing this part asap.. this vehicle has everything original.. not one part has been changed until I purchased it.. I recently changed the fuel filter, battery and computer.. if your car doesn't start and only the gauges come on. 10-10 it's your computer.. I can get in detail if someone has that problem

I also noticed screeching on turns especially even if I turn slowly at corners . The gear shift knob / button cannot be pressed to change gears. It's stocked at Neutral now.

Front bumper is loose, how many brackets are there and where are they located?

2006 . Doors quit locking and unlocking. And the rear wiper won't work.

they said it is a safety issue but I have to pay out of pocket because waranty is over with.

If I try to give the truck gas when increasing speed it hesitates before going faster

I have an 05 Trailblazer 4.2 I6. recently my antitheft has been locking me out inconsistently for always different amounts of time. i have read alot on passlock issues and followed a similar article in how to diagnose my passlock sensor. upon doing these tests though i recieved different results and am unsure as to what they may indicate. when i tested my Red/White to Orange/Black i got 13.3v at IGN0,IGN1,&CRANK. the Yellow to Orange/Black read 4.3V in all positions. this was while the vehicle was running. when it did the no start R/W to O/B read 12.1v in all positions, and Y to O/B read 4.2. from what i understand the yellow is supposed to dorp to an unknow value upon IGN1&CRANK. not sure what it indicates, any help would be great.

would like to know what these codes mean

The alarm system keeps going off lights flashing alarms etc,,, Ive tried everything locking and unlocking with the key, disconnecting battery etc...

i think that this is danger for all suvs orcars that this happens to.

have to be cut out of mine it just got tighter when tried to pullon it to take over head

A video or step by step with pics would be extremely helpful. Keep failing emissions.

4.2 I6 code P1345 and cruise control does not work... I have replaced cam pos sensor, crank pos sensor and cam pos actuator, still have code P1345. I hooked a volt meter to cam pos actuator, got12+ volt immediately at start up. Drove it 30 miles city and highway, the voltage never changed, never dropped or toggled off. Any thoughts?

I had a mechanic put a used AC compressor in my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. He put in 4 12 oz. cans of Freon but was later told it was to much and could in fact "blow the unit" How much is the correct amount that should be put in?

What could be causing this/how can I fix it

all the time.

want to clean the mass air flow sensor where is it located

sometimes steers fine sometimes wanders suspect steering rack leaking interanally

I already purchased the solenoid.

I had to pull the fuse out to get the blower motor off. it happens everytime I drive. I have to put the fuse back in to use the air.

I used the air one time and now there is a rattle, what could it be, fan clutch was replaced, new belts, dont know about this

There is nothing in third gear when shifted manually. Also the speedometer is not working. The shop thinks it is an electrical issue. I need some help, I have to have this vehicle for our business!!

my 2002 trailblazer coolant temp gauge is going from 100 to 260 then goes up and down I hook up my scanner and the ecm is doing the same thing I replaced the coolant temp sensor but im still having the problem please help!!!!!!!

what all should be done

Fan clutch has been diagnised but hasn't caused a problem running until today. Want to know if that could be the cause of my check engine light blinking and engine running very rough.

I have a 2003 Chevy trailblazer. Over some time now I noticed the temperature gauge is below 210. I done some research and read that my temperature sensor could possibly have gone bad. Would that also cause my check engine light to go on as well?

Also my interior light don't work wiper sprayer my key fob don't work at all and defrost but my plate lights work. I checked my fuses and my wires and everything is good