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when I got car 2 weeks before. The timing chain, was to be all ready done, started to make noise that week. We replaced all timing parts. (the exh. gear had 3/4 of the teeth gone) got noise back in a week and hasn't had hardly any power. I rechecked the idler gear for 12 and 7 o'clock on marks.. All good. cheap parts??? $64 off line. Needs oil pump???

battery light flickers on and off. had battery checked it is good and only 6 months old. I hear a whinning noise in which I first thought was brake problems but now not sure. the light is now coming on while driving. the whinning sometimes sounds like scretching noise.

After it sits for awhile it will crank and run really rough for a couple of minutes.It levels off ,runs fine.I have noticed if I turn the air off before I kill it,it does better.My hubby says it is not getting enough fuel,The last time it would not crank,He sprayed some ether & it cranked right up.

when i recently purchased my first tracker the ABS light was on and i thought nothing of it. but when i pushed on the brakes there was a moaning. the brakes quit working almost all the way and it did this a few times before quitting. after i drove it for about 15 minutes the sound stopped along with the break failure.

My tracker wants to stall every once in a while when stopping at a light or backing into my garage.

When i put the tracker in drive it has no power, it will pull out but when you give it more gas it does not respond. It has plenty of power in low and reverse. I am showing codes PO758 and PO743. I have changed the shift selenoids and it has not helped. At one time it was showing shift selenoids A&B.The tracker has been wrecked and I had to replace some of the wires in the front of the radiator support. Any help would be appreciated

My timing chain was bad for awhile, didn't know that it was, but the guide broke and damaged the gears. All of those items have been replaced, but it has NO power. I can barley get to 70 on the interstate and forget it, if there is a slight incline.

up a little while driving. The mechanic has replaced the fluid 2 times, no leaks, how do you know the difference between replacing the power steering pump and the rack and pinion? The mechanic said might have to try one and then the other??????

that won't stop or back of engine. It's something electrical but can find it. I had transmission replaced and it started making sound after fix. I have to unhook the battery so it doesn't get drained. Any ideas what I can do to make it stop and what to check? Thank you!!

The car has had several catalytic converters replaced because that's what the diagnostics show. This last time a sensor in the distributor was replaced and the following day the check engine light went on. The diagnostics at Chevrolet said it was the catalytic converter--again. The car will re-start after sitting for a couple of hours,but that's no consulation when you are no where near home.

Loosens up after driving awhile on in the afternoon. If it's not the power steering pump what could it be? My mechanic said it could be the gear box????


Car overheated do to I think low on oil i changed oil month or so ago I thought I put enough oil in vehicle it checked ok when oil level was checked. it runs and there is no other noise that it should not make while engine is running it did make a rattling/ clunky noise when it was overheating but has not made it since I added oil and have ran engine for about 10 mins and temp gauge inside car almost rises to the red I turn it off before reaching red in gauge is thermos stat easy to replace and where is it located

Then cooling fan begins turning off and on. This is while not moving. Then A/C begins blowing warm air. What could be causing this?

knockin sound stoped running. no start. should i replace the timing chain, guide & ect.??????????????????

We noticed there was a leak and found the general area that it was leaking but we don't know for sure what is leaking and exactly where. Any help is appreciated.

Only makes rubbing sound while rolling down road. Does not get louder at faster speeds or when turning or braking. It is just constant at low speeds.

I bought a 2003 Chevy tracker and put in a new 2.5 V6 engine and i have not been able to get it running i think it has to do with the negative cable from the battery, i can't remember where it is supposed to go if you can please post a picture of the connection from battery to the spot it needs to go or if you can't a highly detailed explanation would be appreciated thank you.

If we use the A/C, we have a puddle of water in the passenger floor. It gets up to an inch deep if used for a long while. The drain is cleaned out. So it's not backing up. Does anyone know what may be causing this? HELP

Is there a fix other than replacing the entire steering wheel?

It sounds like a large something coming apart, but usually when turning a sharp right

Electrical problem. Electric doors locks won't work. Did the same thing the other day but got out raised the hood. Got back in and it started right up . Any ideas what could be wrong?

I have 4x4 what do I have to change, 98 has 95hp and 2001 to 2004 has 155hp

reverse used to work but now it does not responds when i put it. it is a 4 cylinder 1.6 engine chevrolet tracker 1998. i really want to know what i can do to remedy the reverse probelm

The power light just came on and I have no clue why