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My chevy lumina 95 3.1L V6 has its alternator's charging output varies between 13V. to 14V. during a day of normal driving. Is it okay or not?

Note: The alternator's cables are all checked fine.
Thank you in advance!
so when im driving the car it drives good but when i get to a stop light or stop sign the car sputters and the car sounds like it wants to shut off. the rpms bounce at 500 and some time drops to 400 when at a stop.
and when the the rpm gauge drops the dash lights dim a little.
i replaced the IAC sensor, cleaned the throttle body, did a idle reset, put some injector cleaner in, and problem is still there. if anyone has any ideas PLEASE HELP
MY 1995 LUMINA-SEDAN 3.1l v6 engine at idling, recently starts to intermittenly stall with metalic clicking noise from the front of the engine around power steering pump, water pump or so. I have not been able to pinpoint it yet.
The noise sounds almost like solenoid clicking, but louder.
After the noise stops, the engine's RPM slightly moves up (like when the A/C compressor turn off). No error codes show up from OBD scanning. Also, this may be related: while driving at constant steady accelerator about 2000RPM, the engine RPM intermittenly surged and dropped, out of control.

The water pump is about 8 month new, but the power steering pump has about 130K miles or more, of usage; and the engine is rebuilt with about 8 month of driving.
Thank you for your assistance in advance!
when im driving the car its good but when i stop at a traffic light, the idle rpm's will drop to 500 then shut off. but if i hold the brake and put a little pressure on the gas pedal the car stays on.and when i got it home i let it idle for a little with it still in drive and it was fine, but the rpm gauge was bouncing just a little, like it wanted to die. I did alternator check(good) load test on battery(good), and the spark plugs look good also. so what could it be?
My Chevy lumina-sedan 3.1L V6, 1995's ECU module shows the 3X Crankshaft position sensor's signal error. The sensor was removed and has been reinstalled. Does it require retraining the ECU? what is the right sensor voltage from cranking the engine in order to diagnose this sensor?

If need to replace, what is the best way to reach it? it locates on the back side of the engine block near firewall!

Thanks in advance.
I recently seen my 95 Chevy Lumina-Sedan 3.1L V6's auto transmission fluid leaking (spurting out!?) around its fluid( oil ) pan, even after retightening the pan bolts to the specified 120 inches-lbs., from about 97 inches-lbs. (At the 6-month-ago fluid change, the pan bolts were not torqued tight and the fluid leaked, so I torqued it to 97 inches-lbs. and the fluid stopped leaking for 2-3 months).

Its dipstick always pops up, so I wonder if the fluid pressure may be too high, and the fluid vent or the drain-back holes may be plugged. I'd like to check the vent and drain holes, please let me know where they locates on the transmission block. My auto-transmission is 4 speed (4T60E).

Your prompt advice will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

My car is a 1996 chevy lumina
Some stores use a piece of paper to check the quality of brake fluid, like litmus test. If its color indicates the amount of copper etc. in the brake fluid. But also important is the water content in the brake fluid, which affects its boiling point.

So, I wonder when to change brake fluid for my chevy GM 3.1L with ABS system under normal driving conditions? how to tell? thanks in advance
where is the sensor to replace it? It is constant blinking. How do you empty coolant reserve tank?
I had my auto transmission fluid+filter changed at a reputable shop a few months ago. But recently I'd noticed some small leaks at edge of the pan cover, so I checked the bolts, and they were loose. I tighten the bolts somewhat, and the fluid leaking less.

I'd like to what is the right tension (in ch-lbs) for tightening the bolts? My auto-transmission is 4 speed (4T60E). Thank you for your advice!
diving on highway car started to vibrate very bad ,drive ok under 10mph, left rear wheel has lots of movement when going over 8 mph
I have changed the cam and crankshaft sensor ,i have changed the ingnition module the coil paks the tps sensor and the mass flow sensor the same code keeps coming up for a throttle position sensor but i put a new one on . I have to pat the gas petal several times to get the car started which then it woukld idle high . Once it starts i put it in gear but it takes the transmisssion too long to go into second gear .WHY is this happening PLEASE HELP ME IN THIS MATTER I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO. there is a little backfire when you are trying to start the car

My chevy lumina-sedan 1995 3.1L's oil-level sensor at the bottom of the oil pan has just not worked well, but there is oil in the engine, reading directly from the dip stick.
So, I would like to temporarily bypass the oil-level sensor at its connector, so that its red warning light on the instrument panel will not show up.

Please advise, thanks!
I suspect that my Lumina-sedan 3.1L 95's anti-theft relay is malfunctional, and giving me troubles starting the engine, such as low or no voltage on the starter's solenoid terminal (S). How to check it remotely? Since it is buried below the passenger-side dash board, it is quite diffcult to access. If I use a wire jumper to bypass the relay, will that cause other problems, electrically, long-run?
I am checking my 1995 Chevy Lumina-sedan 3.1L LS' starter's solenoid. I connected a voltmeter to the solenoid terminal (S), and its ground. Then, I turned ignition switch to start up the engine.

what should be the proper voltage range during the engine's cranking? The battery voltage was at about 12.45 Volts. Thank you for your answer!!

BTW: for my Lumina, is the neutral safety switch on the auto transmission block, or near the steering column? or the car has both switches? A dealer's catalog shows both switches!!!
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