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turn signals and emergency flashers don't work. i replaced fuses for both.......still nothing. could it be a relay? if so, where is it located?


can I put a 3.4l v6 in my 1998 chevy lumina

I get gas fumes from area around Fill tube especially when Tank is full or near full. Fill tube was replaced last year, and there are no visable signs of leaks anywhere. Any Idea?

Starting car in morning (daily) fog on windshield and liquid on driver side floor. Steps in replacing heater core

Does anyone have a schematic of the daytime running light control module location? I need to replace it and can't find it.

The running light module has burned out and we're trying to replace it with a new one.

I am replacing the rear struts on my car. There is a metal bracket attached to the bottom of the strut that has what looks like a hard plastic or rubber peice under it. What is that piece called? I have gone to all the part stores in town and to the chevrolet dealer but they don't know.

on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to replace rad myself??

A relative gave me this car and after taking it to Pep Boys for repair, it stopped about two blocks away from that shop. He tried to get the company to fix it properly, but they said that they were not responsible for anything more. I am guessing about the year of the car and the engine level. He was told that he needed a replacement of the engine. If so, what would that cost?

I was wondering what the estimate would be to fix a transmission leak which seems to be caused by the gasket having been overtightened, and to see why my check engine light comes on after I am driving on the highway for a while, or over 45 mph basically.

Water in oil when read the dipstick
engine also shut down in two or three minute

'99 Lumina LTZ with 3.8L will not pass inspection do to 3 codes not resetting. Car has no check engine light on, has no trouble starting and runs good. Tech tried driving the car 100 miles and it still did not pass. Tried to reset the computer and drive again, still no check engine light but it still would not pass.

i jumped my lumina and there is a light that keeps blinking on the dash board now i cant get it to start the blinkers flash on and off as well when i try to start it

how much will this cost me

When car is running guages don't show engine over heat, but when car is turned off, radiator fluids will run down on drivers side, sometimes profusly. Is it the radiator or the plastic tank

My car just seems to be running 'rough', it seems louder than normal and somewhat of a 'knocking' sound. Not alot of 'get up and go' like it usually has???? Help????? Any ideas????

Cooling system is continually running hot. I had the system flushed 2 years ago. 6 months later I was smelling coolant inside the car when I turned on the air or heat. had it checked and had to replace a gasket behind the drive belt. Still continue to run hot. Flushed the system again. It did have some rust other stuff. It still runs hot. Any suggestions?

I drove 3-4 miles with hand brake on. Started smelling burnt and suddenly there was smoke coming out by my left rear tire. What do I need to do to make sure brakes weren't permanently damaged? Thank you

Is the speed control sensor a dealer only item?This is an automatic transmission, where is the sensor?

where is solenoid on lumina and how do i change it

key turns back and forth and will pull out and not turn car off .

The brake pedal is hard to push. does not seem like power brakes. everything seems fine, power bosster holds vacuum, calipers move freely, brakes bled. sometimes in reverse a loose brakes for a second like a gulp of air in the lines then it catches again. my mechanic is at a loss.

This is a current problem.

initially, my car would not run nor would it start upon reaching operating temperature(warmed up). started off by changing fuel filter. Had ICM checked and it tested positive. Checked fuel pressure and found it to be mid/low 40's. i was told this is not sufficient pressure for this particular car. changed fuel pump and pressure spiked to 90 for about 5 minutes. Gas started flowing out of intake pretty heavily(changed fuel pressure regulator). fuel pressure is back down to low 40s and car still wont start. will fire if using starting fluid,( only tried this once)but will not run. is the fuel pump i got at the store a bad pump? its a bosch. I have been scratching my head trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with my car. what is the required fuel pressure? and any other ideas would be more than welcome

96 Lumina with 161K. Over the past week I when I let the wheel go, it will jerk to the left about 10 degrees and then return to center very quickly. This happens constantly but is more pronounced at lower speeds. I also hear a thump-thump-thump concurrent with the wheel movement. It is not RPM dependent nor does it happen with braking.

The car likely needs alignement again and new front tires. Anything else this may be?

When I push the accelorator down sometimes it takes a second to get going other times it works normal. Could it be my fuel filter that is causing that, or could there be another reason?

Intermittently my 94 Lumina won't start. I have good spark etc. The car runs great, when it’s running and it will always start right up in the morning or after sitting. The fuel pump is a bit noisy but I have 35psi, at the rail, I think that’s within spec. It doesn't seem to matter how far the car is driven. Sometimes it will run fine for days, yesterday I pulled it into the garage from the street... It started fine and then wouldn't re start till an hour or so later. I did the same today, but now it starts every time. I seem to get a lot of pressure build up in the tank at times but that is also intermittent. Also I think this seems to happen more when the tank is full or near full but my son drives the car most of the time so I could be guessing on that. I’m putting in a new pump and filters (because of the noise) but I’m not convinced that the pump is going to cure the problem.
Oh, I have good spark when the car isn't starting, no check engine light on or stored codes, checked all of the wiring and connections back to the pump, replaced the fuel pump relay, tried the slap test on the ECM, and inspected the ignition switch. Everything seems to be checking ok.
Any advice would be great.

my fuel pump went out so i changed it and now the car almost seems like it has bad gas or something, it starts sometimes runs for a minute or two then dies or sometimes it doesnt crank i dont know what to do

how to change front turn signal bulb?