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I am trying to find a actuator camshaft sensor for my 2006 Chevrolet Impala.
How long should it take for installation. How many hrs? I don't wont to get ripped off. My dealer didn't say but they said it would cost about 1,300. Ive been researching repair pal and it appears they are way off.
the car has 170,000 miles on it and just had the balancing pulley replaced, about 2,000 miles ago. thought it was my battery at first or maybe the alternator, but both of those have been ruled out.
I'm having issues with my horn not blowing, my gear shifter is stuck in park (had this fixed maybe 2mths ago and now it's out again) , my passenger headlight has went out for the second time in 3 months, and my heat is only working on the drivers side,
When I brake in my 2003 Chevy Impala, the pedal goes far to the floor and it feels like it is pulsing. It just feels like it is too spongy and like the pedal should have a firmer feel when it's hit. I spent money on rear & front rotors and pads and the person who gave the car to my brother said that that work was done and her mechanic deemed them okay. I think the woman needs her head examined! Or the mechanic does anyway. Also what is a fair cost for replacing these things on a car? I bought the parts and had them put on. Thanks!
after changing the oil pressure sensor the message and light came on but oil was changed @ 4000 miles ago. checked oil numerous times and was FULL. the light comes on sometimes when accelorating or turning. haven't checked to see if any codes pop up.but when maintaining hwy speed no lights no loss of power or knocking or tapping. please help frustrated. thank you
Brakes vibrate, I think muffler is getting loud, right now it gets me where I'm going. I'm concerned with problems cropping up in the near future that may be more expensive than the payments for the new car. I've changed the oil and rotated tires when ever the onstar system told me to change oil. only major problem was a muffler needed replacement about a tear ago and some brake pads. Other than that no problems. Have used the dealer where I bought the car for maint. the car was used when I purchased it in 2009. What is your opinion?
When this all started I drove it to store it was fine came home few min. Later went to start it and would crank over but not start replaced oil pressure sensor cause that's what codes said but still nothing
It jerked a little over the last few days. Wondering if it is transmission or fuel pump issues or other.
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