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try to find out

I called for a quote on replacing my struts and this is the cheapest place where I can do that. Other places will charge me over a grand and its just $600 here for front and back struts. The man said I need to replace the front end as well as the back end if I replace my struts but its only the front that needs replacing. My car is kinda old and I'm tight on cash so does anyone know if I should replace both ends even if its just the front end struts?

Intermittently lose headlights/dash lights at different times.

Leaking oil by the filter i replace filter and still leaking. I now believe it to be the sending unit. How much do they cost and can an average joe fix it?

i learned that the ign.cyl. was changed but prblem has returned. first guy may have try bypassn some components but my research shows not to bypass anything except for maybe passlock. found wires cut off,at this point car is not starting but it has given me abnormal blinking lites,ipc gones off, no crank the one point it started, chk.eng./abs lites went off but came back on.ideas?

This has happened 2 or 3 mines in the last month. When I'm driving & stopped, ALL of the indicator & warning lights flicker on & blink for a 1-2 seconds, accompanied with a sound like a "wrong answer" buzzer on a gameshow. What in the world could cause this? Would it be something simple like a fuse going out to the dash lights?

My 05 impala will go into park and reverse but will not go into any other gear but 1st gear... does anybody have any idea what is goin or or what i can do to fix this issue please help

when i started my car this morning it instantly starting makeing a loud ticking noise from the motor(loud enough i could hear it from inside the car), i let it warm up and still no change in the noise. so i drove it and as i pushed on the gas pedal the ticking would get faster and louder.
so i did some reaserch and found a few possible issues it could be

1. oil pressure relief valve could be stuck, so i took it out inspected and cleaned

2. oil pump not working, so i removed the oil filter and cranked the car over 6 times so see the flow out of the filter adapter, and its flowing just fine.

so my last idea was put seafoam engine restorer and repair in it. i did that and let the car idle for about 45 mins and it quited the ticking signifacantly, but now after the car has sat for 2 hrs i went to start it up again and the loud ticking was back, let it run for about 2 mins and pushed on the gas and the ticking slowly started to go away again.

what the heck is wrong with my car????
if anyone could help please!!!

One guy thought it was a piston going bad because of the noise and needed a engine. Another guy said the car isn't smoking, losing power,losing compression,losing oil pressure, or radiator fuild and thought it was a valve problem. He said it seem the noise was moving a little under the manifold. Any thoughts or suggestions to find out the proble for sure?

I can't believe that I got home with a 2012 chevy Impala with not one cup holder in the back or....a themometer gauge !!!!!!!???????

my dash light and interior lght dont night everything black

there no codes

1 - going from stop, you gas it & it starts to move like it's under a strain then a deep internal slam & it takes off. could be trying to start in a higher gear then dropping into 1st when rpm's increase?
2 - randomly has a bump or thump when upshifting under light throttle (all 3 shifts), other times shifts quietly & smoothly.
Both problems are very intermittent, doesn't seem to matter if it's warmed up or cold

car was running fine then the belt staped due to to power steering pump now it wont start

what do i do about this problem it happens every time!

I have a service engine light on my 2008 Chevy Impala I have replaced the gas cap and the battery. I have had this car since 1/2009 and this has been going on for 2 or 3 weeks now.

Something drained my battery and when I started it again it sounded like a pump running in the front of the car finally got it to stop when I got the gas cap to stay on so replaced gas cap, light came back replaced bettery cleared codes and the light came back.

I am a mechanic by trade

Test indicated it is not communicating with test equipment. Also says Mil commanded on signal indicates computer has stored trouble codes It was repaired last fall could they have forgotten to reset something?

when I went to purchase the car I told them these lights where on and stayed on they said theyed fix it now im wondering if they some how just disabled it. will this damage the car.and is there a way to tell if they did
one reason I wondered this is when im in slippery part of snow the car slides and the light doesent turn on

NOt sure what end has struts and what end has shccks on 2005 chevy impala Ls. Cost and labor

i replaced the batt. in the car and the batt. on the remote.

The engine starts and idles fine and initialy runs fine in Drive, but then it stumbles/looses power for 10 to 15 seconds then it clears up and runs fine again. A few times the engine has died after it stumbles/looses power, but it has always started and then runs fine. It does this same secquence each time you shut it off and let it sit for 30 to 45 minutes then restart and begin driving again. Initially when this problem started the "Check Engine" light came on and stayed on for a few days, but it has since gone off and stayed off. Any ideas what is causing the engine to stumble and loose power?

I went out to leave, my car cranked then went dead. now it just turns over but won't fire. It's giving me the message that "engine power is reduced."

Suppose I replace the ignition lock cylinder and case, and the car needs to be reprogrammed at dealer, will I need a tow to the dealer?!

About 2 years ago had the fuel regulator changed for the same problem. Could this need to be changed again?

Will this affect the car?

temp went all the way up rapidly battery indicator light also went on

My key is stuck in the ignition in the start position and will not come out. I took the council apart and no broken wire. Now where do i go? My battery is dead now.

and now it want even go in any gears has fuild in it what to do?

dealer keeps telling me its the gas cap. i know i'm putting the gas cap on correctly. what else can it be and why isn't the dealer looking for something else? this is making me crazy.

Not over heating...cold to touch. Replaced thermastat, fan,and the waterpump. Cold air comes out of the vents.