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Both are 3.5 L V6 motors are they interchangeable? I called GM and they told me yes.

Driver turned ignition but car won't turn over how do I get it to start

error code P16D0

My steering wheel is unlocked but when I stick my key in the ignition it won't turn

Computer censor hiw much does it cost

I have to change right front engine mount and I need a step by step on how to do it

starts better but still some time it act like it don"t want to. code po327 &code po128 is on

Car was driving normally with no signs of trouble then all of a sudden it started running hot so i got it parked and had my mechanic to come look at it he thought it was the intake gaskets until he checked the trans and its a strawberry milkshake color and he says theres water in the ATF so he wants to replace the radiator and flush trans. I want to know if this sounds like the right thing to do? The car had no signs of trouble when it happened so I don't know what to do next.

How do I remove shifter center console to get to shifter solenoid

Sunroof was open for a period of time, could the wiring gone bad

trying to find a header panel for a 2007 impala. not SS. but only coming up with radiator support part. Is it the same thing as I need the part that can hold the headlights in place.

Bought it cheap. Owner was a manager at fast food. Pulled in and parked - came out- wasn't running. Fed up and bought a new car so it sat 6 months.

SO FAR WE HAVE... Bought a new battery. The guy's run a check on all the fuses, fuel pump, fuel lines, replaced crank sensor, tested coil packs four times all is good,still won't start? Like it's not getting the message to fire?
Also he checked Ignition Control Module first thing- pulled it out and had it tested from the get-go.

When driving from a stop position. It happens almost every time now from 0 to 10 miles per hour

I was parking when the abs light came on should I be concerned

The starter is making a wining noise and is getting super hot . Wat cause that ?

and get reprogrammed.

noticed it doesn't show what gear im in hasn't been like could it be a sensor stopping it from starting

comes on while driving followed by beeping noise reason why this is happening

How much to repair a steering wheel rattle. I think it's the outer tie rod or both the outer tie rods. It may be the tires I'm not sure

To remake another set of keys to my chevy impaula 2012 would it be expensive and where would I go in Bakersfield

Running out of gas all the time

car dont start just cranks then hours later starts check engine on

This Impala has 263,000 miles, runs great, drives great until hard left hand turn, then slips out of gear. After turn and straighten wheel it continues to drive smooth. No hard shifting or any other issues. After seeing complaints could use help with diagnosis and repair of this problem please. Thank you! Chris Buster 502-440-0785

I put key in ignition, heard noise like gunfire, took key out. Popped hood, saw broken cover, small fire. Fire quickly out. Dealership called it backfire

No engine light on, and has no more than 140xxx miles on it


Driving n all of a sudden it's like my car was in neutral I pulled off the road put it in reverse and the motor just revs up wen I hit the gas transmission fluid was full tried again same results I have no idea

the coolant seems as it is coming for the cap but not sure. i have to put anti freeze in it every week and watch in constantly leak out.

Just put new fule pump in

Put new plugs and wires on it new water pump thermostat started right up after putting on plugs and wires on .Took it around block it ran like it wanted to stall ! Took her BK home shut it down and it does same thing before replacing plugs and wires! It will crank over but not start. Plz help!