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The .. Park, reverse, drive thing
It gets stuck and I can't get it to go to drive...
changed the heater motor and control module and still don't blow
ran fine after starting, drove it, parked and shut off, then would not start. has fuel at fuel rail, can hear pump, no abnormal sounds, cranks strong.
Battery dead, key wouldn't come back out
Went out to start car wouldn't start, then the key wouldn't come out
codes are P0446,P0300,P0135,P0030 car will not shift from 2nd to 3rd gear need help please i love my cobalt
Speedometer and rpm stopped working, car yanking when put in reverse or drive.
Stalls while driving
Started misfiring after starting up. Took it is and have spark plugs replaced. Problems still happening whenever fielding the car. Misfiring starts and the check engine light starts blinking.
Took it in again, they recomended an induction/carbon cleaning costing around 180$. Done that and it's still misfiring. What is the next step? Should I continue taking. It to the same place 400$ in and it's still not fixed?
09 Chevy cobalt 79,000 miles, check engine light on poo10 and poo11 it fixed car still won't start
I have replaced the map sensor and the mass air flow sensor. I still get the code and still have idle issues.
I got the thermostat housing off but the bolt stud is broken and its flush so I can't remove it how can I get it out and what do I need to remove to get to it
Car was flooded in a storm. Electrical burned out. Can the car be fixed
Turns over just fine and ignites like it's supposed to but after may be 5 seconds it kills itself
Lost the only key to our Chevy Colbalt 2009. How do we replace the key and re-chip the new key? What is the price estimate on obtaining a new key?
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