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also shows a car with a lock on it symbol on the dash

The car seems to drive fine on an open rode it's just when I come to a stop the car dies,only if the heat is on it starts back up but the heat has to be off.If I don't run the heat and come to a stop it's fine.My check engine light is on also

but does not un lock on the passage side the lock button does not work win you can get it lock you come back and it is un locked and win u drive it the doors try to lock but they dont but they do un lock win u put it in park

the check engine light come on and off it takes couple days to show up then turns off. when the car is idle on a stop sign my car feels like it wants to turn off when the check engine is on. anyone can help me fix this problem please..

Doors locking and unlocking what would be the part number Engline fuse block shows two bcm3 or bcm2

Had a recall on the ignition lock on my chevy cobalt. Letter said it would be repaired at no cost which I verified when I dropped my car off for service. Chevy dealership is trying to make me pay $37.40 for a new key becuase my key no longer works now that they put the new parts in. Are they scamming me?

Can someone help me fix code p0223 (Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch "B" Circuit High input. I was thinking about just buying a new throttle but don't know if thats the issue.

The engine trys to turn over but will not start

When the passenger seat is empty the warning light does not come on.

the light has been on for the last 40,000 miles and I have had no problems with the car whatsoever. oil changes and tires have been regularly serviced, and no other problems have occurred. Could this 'check engine' light be just a short or something? Nothing appears to be wrong with this car for the last 4 years or 40,000+ miles.

This happened before, a couple of years ago, and it just went off by itself. Could it just be a message error or
am I just hoping to avoid a repair?

The first thing to happen was my A/C shut off for an hour or 2 and started right back up, then 2 days later my car died at a stop light. Now its so bad that it did it yesterday while I was driving down the road. All of this while the A/C is on but it is just fine as long as I keep it off.

Was told it could be something with a purge sensor, anyone know the location?

I started smelling gas outside the car couple of months ago then started to smell it inside the car a couple of weeks ago. I've had the fuel injector cleaning done and the fuel filter changed. There isn't anything dripping underneath the car, just a very strong smell.

when i turn the key the engine and belt starts turning..
i checked sparks plugs pistons fuses-all seems fine...cant figure out what it could be??

My daughter's car uses so much gas because of this leak. Her car won't start right away and you can smell the gas that is leaking. There is a leak in her fuel pump and the mechanic said he has seen 3 or 4 cobalt's with this issue.I have already had to replace a sensor that cost 425$ and now this 419$ fuel pump. I bought her a new car to avoid all this. Is the fuel pump leak a common problem?

my passenger side window was left down the night before through a rain storm.. could that cause the problem? I also had a remote starter installed last December.

the pumps is not like the one that they sale now . it is two seperate parts that is in the take. and found out that the wire is burnt from malfuction. and no dealerships can help me out. not even GMC will answer my questions.

tranny wont shift to second the power steering warning light is on and the out side temp went blank all at the same time power steering recall was done a year ago 78000 on odemeter ive unhooked the battery and checked fuses under the hood still doesnt work.

I rear ended a volvo station wagon in my Cobalt going about 30-35mph. The hit was high, with a lot of the visual damage to the front of the hood. I have gotten a few estimates already. I know that I will have to get my hood and hood latch replaced. Also, I know that the front bar above the radiator is pushed back. Some mechanics said replace it, while others said they could pull it back out. I also have some damage to my license plate frame area on the front bumper. Visual damage just shows noticeable paint scratches, but we aren't sure how much damage is done under the front bumper covers. How much should this repair cost?

Daughter did donuts in the salt flats. Now air conditioning system appears clogged.

The car will not start but the engine does try to turn over.

chack engine

The window will not go down and when I try the one on driver side for the rear passenger,it still will not go down. Need to know what is wrong. Just started doing it and have tried several times to get it to work,but no luck

The problem started around a month ago, and then stopped. It began again this week. I read the car manual and it eludes to replacing the batteries. I did and it stopped for 1 day then began again. It's driving me nuts. I don't want to take it in to the shop if it's an easy fix. However, I need to be able to lock my car doors!

My passenger door in the front is completely pushed in and the top of the door gapes open prolly a foot. The back passenger door and dent and barely opens. Both passenger side airbags deployed. I also can not open my glovebox. Are they going to total my car you think or what will the cost be to fix it? I was t-boned at an intersection by the way, the other driver was going 40 when they hit me.

2007 Cobalt wouldn't start this morning. There was no sign of trouble when I drove it last night. When the key is inserted into the ignition and turned to accessory, the radio's clock takes a bit longer to turn on than normal, and when turned to run the gauges twitch and struggle to stay at their 0 marks. When turned to start I can hear what I believe to be the starter solenoid try to engage, but it seems labored and slow. The engine does not turn over, furthermore after attempting to start it the radio and gauges are even more dead. Tried to jump it and same results. Any ideas?

I bought my car from a friend of mine and I have had it for 4 months. The air has worked fine up until a month ago. It started by goin off and coming back on several times. It stopped working all together a few days after that incident. Well yesterday I decided to try it and it started working again but just not blowing like it did when I bought it, so now Im tryin to figure out what might be causing it.

The car is using oil but not smoking. I use it as a commuter and put about 800mi a week on it. There is oil in the air plenum where it connects to the valve cover. it stalls sometimes when I stop but runs fine on the highway. Still gets good mileage. The engine light is on but the codes say a vacuum error. I have checked all the hoses, and everything is tight What could this be?

The car is using oil but not smoking. I use it as a commuter and put about 800mi a week on it. There is oil in the air plenum where it connects to the valve cover. it stalls sometimes when I stop but runs fine on the highway. Still gets good mileage. The engine light is on but the codes say a vacuum error. I have checked all the hoses, and everything is tight What could this be?