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replacing rear brake cylinder on Chevy cav, the part wont rotate into the slot for brake line
On that side you can hear a grinding noise, it started to pull heavy to that side, i stopped the car, turned it off started it again engaged it into drive and heard more grinding, tried to accelerate slowly the speedometer jumped to 160kms and the car did not move... my father thinks its may be the trans-axle. does anyone have any idea what it may be? i knew the wheel bearing was going to at some point. please help.
power not working how do i fix it
I need to know the steps i need to take after deasselbling the dash?
Driver side window doesnt move anymore at all, still cracked a little, you can hear the clicking in the door when you push the button. Passenger side window goes down in intervals, must wait several minutes inbetween to get it back up. There had been coffee spilled in the middle of the car which would be where the controls were, so I replaced that motor. . . Windows still do the same thing, any suggestions on what it is?
changed cluch rlease bearing ,fly wheel,and blead system
my back-up light socket is all corroded, i need to change it out and replace it with a new one on both side of the vehicle
i want to take a chevy cobalt, or cavalier. or a Pontiac sunfire and drop a GM 3.1 or 3.8 in it, my coworkers say it should bolt right up to the transmission and a few engine control parts ( ecm, ignition ext..)

What im asking what years of vehicle and motors will work for this project ?
She also bent the rim and according to the mechanic the suspension bar is bent. What is an est. cost to repair would you say? Thanks.
trunk is pushed in and do not open. it was hit in the rear end
I read quite a few blogs already; some almost make sense, other don't (I myself am a HD Diesel Mechanic, so therefore I not to easliy fooled). I drove the car myself an witness his complaint. The car has great accelration, doesn't run rough. It at times seem's that wants to be a little diffcult starting up (but it's not that noticable(I notice it, but the son doesn't). It has 3 codes in it P0440; P0137 (which comes twice; and is the last one regristered) & a P1137. Any idea's?
Is it main shift solenoid or a sensor issue or wiring????
Just drive. Not reverse
i did try to hook up e.b. switch --but no matter where i tried to place it the brake light on the dash and the chimes still ring--- everything seems to work on the car with the e.b. switch unhooked... it bothers me that no chimes or light on dash came on after the rear cable was put in?? i started it and took it for a ride everything was o.k. all these problems came after i unhooked the emergency brake switch when i "thought" that i was dealing with the rear reverse light switch and unhooked it to see if it had any juice going to it. (i know where the reverse switch light is now) i will give up on this unless someone has any other solutions p.s. what will go wrong by keeping it unhooked???
i was looking for the reverse backup light switch. i looked on the manual shift council--- wrong place--- i know now its on the trans axle--- but i ended up disconnecting the emergency brake switch in the lower manual shift council thinking that was the backup switch now when its reconnected the brake light comes on the dash and the chimes ring continually until brakes are applied if i disconnect the switch altogether it works o.k. no brake light or chimes i think it could be something to do with the brakes itself---- fluid is o.k. fuses o.k. any reply will be thank full
I put in a new wiper motor and they still don't work
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