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is there a procedure to test the fuel pressure regulator.also,should there be a difference in idle speed if the vacuum line is disconnected from regulator?

When the air is on water drips quickly from underneath the dashboard. If not the drain tube clogged what could be wrong?

have to move steering wheel up and down to get car started

I just had the brakepads the o2 sensor the serpantine belt replaced-spark plugs and wires but my car is still squealing upon acceleration-it was done by a friend- please -this is irratating-it doesn't do it right away it only does it after it has been running for a while (over 4-5 Miles) any idea what this could be?

what does PO 141 means with check engine light on. Can i still drive it? how can i get rid of the check engine light?

What type of power steering fluid does this car use. Can ATF be used as a substitute when topping off power steering fluid?

what is common problem for service light to come on when you put the car in drive

How much will it cost to replace a timing chain on a 97 cavalier?

i have to keep putting break fluid in my car every week i beleive it is a leak some where,i need to know how much will that cost me to get repaired

could it be my fuel filter? need details replacing a fuel filter.

i think it may be my transmission but i dont want to get into that if thats not it if any one else has had this problem please enlighten me on what to do

My wife was driving her cavalier and it just shut off on her without warning. Since that day the car has not started, it been about 3 days since it happened.

i bought this 97 chevey caviler in dec my break lines went a week later and i replaced them then my check engine light came on i brought it back to the guy i bought it from. he turnrd the light off and said i must have left my gas tank open or need a new gas cap and not to worry about it. well a week later my check engine light came back on and stayed on i thought it was just the gas cap like the guy had said. then i was driving down the road my gas pedal started to feel like it wasnt wanting to accelerate but then it would jump and start driving. yesterday i was driving and i stop at a stop light my car jumped forward then backward and then it stopped and wouldnt move anymore. it still turns on but in park it says im in drive two but im not im in park. it wont go into another gear my stick is just stuck in park place. what could be wrong

The drivers side window will go down and in time will go back up a little bit at a time (it usually takes about 20 minutes for it to go all the way back up). I was told by a Chevrolet dealership that the drivers side window motor has a short in it and needs to be replaced. I need to know the steps required to replace this motor and maybe pictures would help. I have the inside door panel and plastic off. The problem is I cannot see in behind the door frame to see how the motor comes out. Can someone please help me with this situation.

When I go to start my chevy, the key wont turn. I tried another key with the same result. I think it is the ignition switch. How much does it cost to get this replaced at the dealership?

Check engine light is on (steady light) and got gasoline a couple of days ago. Told that it might be the gas cap not turned enough times, but light came back on for mechanic as drove it. Diagnosis was unclear, but thought it might be fuel pump related. Mechanic stated he hears a hiss sound when under car. Took to Auto Zone and diagnosis was throttle sensor, but mechanic says not the sensor. Please advise as budget is extremely small! Thanks!

The steering wheel became loose. Has been like that for about 6 months. When I went to leave work it totally broke. It won't lock into place. Is it expensive to fix?

My car is starting to overheat when I have the AC on and my Dad has seen the elec. fan come on and once the car begins to heat up the fan shuts off.

What is the part number or equivalent universal replacement for a front exhayst flex pipe for a 2005 lexus ES 330

Help! I know pretty much zero about cars, and I'm currently without one. I just saw a '96 Cavalier advertised for $600/b/o, but it says it has a stuck lifter and needs 2 strut mounts. Is this a huge amount of work and cost? (Sorry I don't know which engine it is.)

my car will not shift to first gear.the engine light was on then when off, and is not on.

po 107 comes up. do i need to change the map sensor or is there something else wrong?

ac air warms up when vehicle is iddeling for a period of time. The quote of 225.00 includes 2 cans of ac coolant (r148) - is this price sound right

trying to find microprocessor on 2ooo cavalier 2.2 4cylinder on which ac switch is connected to pcm in order send data to it. in order for operation compressor to work.note:new compressor in stalled,refrigerant pressure sensor,system vacuum dn&flush &filled system 1.50 lbs of freon,changed out temperature control ,coming out from controller,(still no power compressor clutch,ac relay changed out,hvac fuse ,erls fuse all good

the fuel gauge reads 1/2 then 1/4 then full then it settles down for a while, then as you are preparing to stop or make a turn the car stalls out. There is some (slight) hesitation before it stalls. The staling of the car is getting more pronounced and upon recently filling the tank, within about 12 miles of driving the gauge read 3/4.

Brake fluid leaks by the passenger-side back tire. Brake light comes on, when empty. When I fill it, brake light goes off. Today, it fills like the back brake is tight. The brake pedel fills like it locks and my back tire makes a skidding noise.

Hi-what can you tell me about Ceramic Brakes? I was told to get them because they last longer. Have any idea what the price range for them is? Thanks!

I am being charged $798 to get my passkey system this fair?

Can go in drive, but I when I put it in reverse it acts like it wants to go back but the back passenger tire just drags - will not move. But I can put it in drive and all wheels go. Help!

Am concerned radiator fan and condenser's direct wiring to battery had led to my new alternator burning?