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the blinker on the inside of my car is blinking rapidly when I turn it on to the left.
So I was informed that the reason my car stopped working was the gallon of water my X put into my gas tank. I was unable to siphon the water/gas out so I put some stuff in it to absorb the water. Before I knew that he had done that my car would start and immediately bog out so I changed the spark plugs and wires. My car starts up and sounds amazing however it keeps bogging out.. and to top it off my engine is shaking so bad that I fear its going to fall out of my car. I took the car to the store, it ran fine until I pulled into the store on an angle while breaking, it almost died on me. I have no idea what to do. Oh Im not sure if it matters but my converter was stolen so its pipe to pipe right now. I was told to fill my tank completely and keep adding stuff to absorb the water but to me I dont think I should be reving my car so much and wouldnt it cause further problems for water to get into my fuel lines.. which im sure its already there but oh my goodness.. I have no idea whats going on with this pos.
do I have to remove the engine to replace the timing belt
All fuses good
My 92 Cavalier's warning signs and door dings continue to flash and beep when you shut the car off and pull the key out. We found the "flasher" relay and when you pull it, it stops, but the turn signals will not work then and there is still kuve 12V at the relay with the car off. Also the tail lights will just come on with the car shut down and locked for no reason and stay on till you pull the battery? I'm thinking it's related but just baffeled? Anyone know what's causing this??
its between transmission pan and oil pan. i cannot figure out where its leaking from. crankcase maybe?
also the heater blows out cold air
I have a 1997 Chevy Cavalier that spins but won't start checked codes and ran test that indecated it needed new key lock replaced lock, tried to clear codes to start relearn will not clear with OTC genesys tried to do relearn with out clearing codes but no luck tried 4 seperate 30 min relearn cycles and the theft light stayed on and never flashed or went out . any clue as to what is wrong . Bad inst cluster ?
A/c cools good but blows very little air even in top speed
What size star socket do i need.
I cant find any info on this
will not work at all.what will it cost?
There is a bar going to the neutral safety switch, but I don't see any bolt. Does it just "pop-off" by lifting upwards?
car is siezing up when I drive
1999 120,000miles still runs good.
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