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It will not go up after you shut car off, but will go down, does not go down sometimes when you open the door, sometimes it will go down but not up when shutting the door. Have done the relearn thing many times works a couple of times then goes nuts again!

When I drive there is some kinda of ticking sound that gets faster as i drive, but its NOT associated with the RMP when the car is in park and I rev there is no ticking sound only when im actually moving Im not sure if its wheel related or breaks maybe, rotors? I also should no i do have break grab upon slowing down and very very faint grinding. Is the ticking related I can hear it when i roll down the passenger side window kind of towards the back i think HELP!

recently got a 97 camaro, vats equipped. ign lock had been jimmied to work, no key. car does run but drains battery. security light stays on. hoping ign lock replacement fixes problem. anything else i should know ?

My 2014 SS Camaro is not my every day driver but it is not holding a charge. I find that it can sit 2 days or 7 days and I have to jump it. I took it to the dealer and they indicated that it needs a battery tender since it is not a daily driver. They said there are so many electric components pulling on it even when not driven that it is normal. When I took it in, my heated seats wouldn't work and they said it was because the battery was so low. It sounds odd because the car drove fine there and was driven 80 miles to be delivered to the dealer. Does anyone have any suggestions?

after i drive it for a little bit it starts to hum and then where the gas goes it gets hot

We have replaced the rods and mains, oil pump, fuel pump and oil sending unit. Car idles at 20 and then drops to 0 when driven. There is no rattle or knocking in the engine. The engine sounds good.

Aciddently drained the trans fluid...
There is no trans dipstick...
Cant find a fill plug on pan just the drain plug....also cant find the check level plug... got a fluid hand pump.....just wanna make sure im doing it correctly...
Please Help!!!! Thank You!!!!

contemplating buying a 1980 camaro. seller says the ac and heater do not work. worst case scenario how much could this cost to fix?

12,000 miles on motor, all fluids fresh and full.

engine light isn't on, how can Ifind out w/out going broke?

no knock when idling

Replace all gaskets on a 308 engine

garage. Replaced charcoal canister. On hot days after driving 30-40 minutes and the gas tank is 1/4 or less, a tonal sound comes from the gas tank while the car is running and also when it is not until gas cap is removed. Gas cap shoots into my hand along with hot gas vapor from the tank.

got spark got fuel got ignition could it be a timing chain?

I changed my old engine with a rebuilt one put everything in its place check for fuel,ignition,and oxygen don't what else to check all parts on the engine are new and it won't start it cranks but no start could it be my Vats system ? When I start my engine the security light stays on and it cranks but it won't start.please help thank you.

i am afraid rodents have damaged wires. how do i repair power windows also sometimes dash lights fail. headlights and taillights are good

A jerk bought our vehicle and tore up the steering column, and other stupid things ! We replaced the steering column, and the car won't start ! We found a red wire that had been jerked out what does it go to in the vehicle ! Please Help me !

i had a bracket that is connected to the ac compressor break and the shop i took it to cannot find a replacement for it, i am trying to see if can find myself online cause they will replace if i can find but not sure what is called and the repair guy couldn't tell me either and have not come across anything that looks even close PLEASE help

I lost the key to the outside gas door in Canada 2014

Car stopped running,not electrical,changed fuel pump & filter, startd and ran for 15+ min (ran fine)., ran a test run..1-1/2 miles car cut off...restarted car drove back 1-1/2 mi. Now car will start but then cut off. Back to square one. SCanners says Must check Diag. systems check for check engine light. Owners manual unobtainable at this point. Please help...thank you.

ive bought my car brand new, the cd player started giving an error, the screen would say ejecting cd but it would not eject until i turned the car off and back on, and then the temperature controls would delay or go on & off and the indicator lights would blink on & off, so when i turn off the radio it would stay off for a while and then start going in & out, so i pulled the fuse for the radio and everything else is working fine but now i have no radio, this has been a pain in the @$$ but i think its an internal issue with the radio because ive checked all wires and connections, and many shops around and nobody can give me an honest answer accept to run a diagnostic check

Key has been bypassed with correct resistor. Security light still comes on occasionally and have to disconnect battery for about 30 minutes for car to start. Help. Need a dependable car.

battery is charged and starter motor is new ! dash lights/warning lights are on and security light stays on but does not flash. just bought car and former owner said he did drive car with security light on. i have checked and cleaned fuses and small ground wires in engine bay.

The car would not shift so I bought new cable and need to know how to install the part.

put my antifreeze and now is overheating drain all the radiator
put my new antifreeze and is over heating