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tey are in the drivers power seat harness
ok here we go I'm sitting in the blazer i click on the 4x4 switch it blinks and then it shuts off then i click on the 2 wheel drive button and it clicks and show a light on it but it won't go in to 4x4 any buddy having this problem is it the transfer case module or the encoder mother please help
I have a 2004 Blazer and have only had 4 yrs. I noticed light coming through and when it rains it leaks, now I've had pins or whatever you call them replaced 2 yrs ago and now having to replace again...what is causing this??
Sounds like there is something loose, rattles? It's loud and obnoxious when heater fan is on.
Real bad on rough surface.
...side of the vehicle engine compartment when starting vehicle? Battery seems to be drained and Vehicle will not start. First time this has ever happened. Smelt electrical for a short period and then no more...
I was driving an heard a noise and my truck wouldnt shift out of 1st gear. when i parked I couldnt go in reverse. I took it in and had a transmission flush which did not help. Do I need a need a new transmission or could it be something else possible cheaper????
driving down the road drives great hit the accelerator to pass rpms jump but the car still drives perfect.
Do i have to remove starter to get oil pan out
Basically not firing when ignition is in start position but I have to let key return to on position and it fires so why isnt my ignition firing in start position
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