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scan code read

oil lines are leaking oil. estimate to have them replaced

it wont shift out of 2nd to 3rd overdriver check engine
have not had diagnostic code one guy told me it could be a sensor


slow leak from intake manifold gasket

Can i manuaaly switch from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive?

About a week ago, the blower quit blowing air to the floor and only comes out from the dash vents. Also, when I turn the switch to A/C, the compressor doesn't come on and no cool air flows to the inside of the vehicle. I have recently put freon in the system and know of no leaks. So the problem has to be in the switch that controls the heat and a/c. Could this be as simple as a vaccum line having come loose, and if so, were do I look for the line? Or does the switch itself need to be replaced? Turning the switch from heat to vent to a/c makes no difference at all.

i have an 93 blazer with a new engin and i need an egr valve but the year of the blazer and the engin are different

The heater and air conditioner fan has gone crazy. It speeds up and slows down all by itself. It switches from heat to air and back all by itself. It also makes a weird grinding noise.
What is wrong with this thing?

I have a 1988 chevy blazer that has lap belts in the rear seat, in order for my toddlers in booster seats to ride in the back I need to convert the belts to shoulder belts, where can i get the parts and info I need to do this? I have to make this work or i will have to re sell the truck cuz I wont be able to drive it. Please if anyone has any info I greatly appreciate it.

my blazer is squeakin somethin fierce with every lil movement n drivin me insane! it sounds like rusty coils or something. sounds like its comin from the front end if thats any help.

I recently had a intake gasket replaced do to a oil leak. and had noticed a couple weeks later that i had a loud air intake hose leak and as soon as the hose was replaced and the engine was started white smoke started coming out. I was then told that by replacing the intake gasket could have blown the head gasket because of added pressure. there was also coolant coming out of the vacume hose that was replaced is all this possible the blazer ran fine before the intake problem fix. thanks tim

what dose this code mean and what operates it

I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer, the driver side door panel that you pull on to shut is broke, how to fix

The engine check light keeps coming on, How do I reset the check engine light?

i don't know how to put them back to getter i've done took everything apart how do i do it its my rear right side brake

does anyone have a clew what the average miles you can get to on a 1997 chevy blazer thats well maintained.

will a newer grill fit on a 1997 blazer

The oil leaks where the filter is mounted, what is the name of the part where the oil filter is mounted?

replaced transfercase switch....what's next ? send reply to

Why does my 2000 Blazer continue to take water after everything has been replaced, this is short of doing an intake gasket, that being the only thing left.

i need to replace camshaft position sensor

When applying pressure to distributor housing the blazer idles ad accelertetes more normally, we just had the head gasket changed but the distributor housing seems to be loose and the RPM gauge is flutering and oil pressure is lower than normal and we found a bolt siting on windsheild deck.

the switch light inside the blazer does not come on.I dont know if i am in 2 or 4wheel drive.

I have had to replace the mass air flow sensor twice in less than a year. I took my vehicle into a mechanic because i'm only getting like 120mi out of a tank of gas. The service engine soon light is not on, but it will come on and off randomly and not stay on for any certain amount of time, its just very very random. So I took it in because with gas prices going up I can't keep going through gas like its water. The mechanic said it is the mass air flow sensor, yet again. Any ideas on what could be causing this? I know it is also going through batteries like crazy and not sure if the two could be caused by something. The truck only has 80k miles on it and I have had nothing but problems with it any ideas?

when installing the new slave cylinder do you dis connect the plastic retainers or do they poop out?

How do I replace the hazard switch on my 1995 Chevy Blazer 6cy vortec

My hazard switch broke and I am unable to shut them off

When ignition switch is on, and Headlights are on and you do anything electrical the Headlights, drl indicator on dash flicker and DRL relay clicks randomly, I think something is making the relay click on and off, Replaced relay and then Daytime Running Light Module behind dash. Also the fuel gauge will move when this happens, I am told there is a Diode somewhere in the DRL system that may be bad, allowing ground to feedback and cause this. HELP !!!!!

I just put a motor in a 1996 chevey blazer a it keeps leaking oil in the center of the car so is it my oil lines?