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My heater control valve breaks at the hose connection after replacing it a year ago! This is the second one I've put in it and when I bypassed it, it runs cooler?
95 astro. 4.3
Started and idled fine. Start the next morning, drove 100 yards and died. Motor will not crank over now. I was able to manually turn the crankshaft. Starter check out fine. Battery fully charged. What is going on here?
change all o2 sensors checked evap sonsors
Had new master cylinder cover put on old one floppy from age so was leaking fluid brakes fine just light staying on doesn't go off
We Don't do anything to try to fix it, it turns on by its self. This started about a month ago. It tries to start but it doesn't, engine shakes after I stop turning the key. Thank you
My van acts like its not getting gas but you can stomp the gas (clear her throat) and it will seem to clear up for a while (sometimes) Air conditioner makes it worse but still does it with air off. SCanner says "no problem".
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