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96 chavey astro van hard to start
The abs was acting up. Fluid level good, wires good, no leaks. Power steering fluid low. Added fluid and brakes are acting find. Have hydro- power brake system.
its occuring now
There is no compression in one cylinder. You can hear the valve leak when idling..I would like to get both head's valves serviced. And would like to have someone to do this.
p0300 random misfire, occurred before and then after I replaced wires,cap,rotor,plugs, coil. replaced fuel pump in there also. now its doing same thing again. it occurred after rain. its dry now. can start it,runs rough. no ac. was told to check wireing to computer..dude said the wire is rouuted along driverside frame and could have broken wire causing problem.?I haave done about all I know of. Last week it ran not so much. cannot trust it, which sucks. Anyone hear of this problem before?
I've had a new alternator bench testing the batteries charged fine but I pull the plug off the battery in the battery cuts out the engine doesn't run smooth I pull the battery fuse and the lights go away in the engine runs better but I pull the battery terminal and it still cuts off I don't know what to do I'm looking for advice this all started when I was accelerating the motor would cut out all the idiot lights would come on and the motor to cut on and off so I change the fuel filter and then this problem happen
My dash and tail lights aren't working keep blowing out 1999 astrology van
rough idle, check engine light on shortly after fill up, code indicates catalytic converter problem. When light is turned off engine smogs perfectly.
I have already changed the spark plugs. changed fuel filter. Had water in it. Put gas treatment in tank.
still jerking. Is an 88 but year not on field to fill outl
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