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error code said IAC valve

happens everytime

sensor going into the transmission on the edge of the trans. oil pan, withelectrical plug is leaking .whats it called


Where is the ABS Control Module located on 2001 Chevy Astro awd?

fan but no heat

Wednesday afternoon when I statred my van to go home after work it made an unusually loud noise like the fan was grinding. This morning I discovered a foul odor and red stains on my driveway. How do I remove this dead animal from my fan under my van?

My all wheel drive is not working. Only trackson from one rear wheel. What can be my problem?

wont shift out of first gear

blower motor and fan need to be changed how do i do it

I can find the turn-signal flasher under the dash, but cannot locate the hazard flasher. Where is it hidden? ThaNKS

refueled engine craks butno start

My check engine light is staying on constantly. Fumes we smell all day but more in the early morning. Making us very sick.

Starts hard but runs fine. Gets worse when it's damp outside.

My van run good, but vibrates when I make a stop.
Need to know of a good shop to take my van for repair.

My van vibrates when I make a stop. The steering wheel
trembles, otherwise it runs good. What is wrong with my van?

On my 4.3 L 1992 Chevrolet Astro van, is the rear Main Seal one piece, or is it two?

my Astros doors keep trying to lock themselves, until it runs the battery down, I had to pull fuse to stop it , but now I can't manually open rear hatch doors. What should I do and where are the parts I need to check on? This happened to me on a rainy day when i had the rear hatch open loading some things. I tried to dry everything out for several days but problem has not gone away.

started a week ago..some noises on turning. Took van to a shop they said it is the hydrabooster price is 500 for the part and 308 to install. is that a fair price?
Thanks for any help.

My window on my drivers side does not go up and down and it sounds like it's off the track. Does anyone know a good mechanic that could look at it to repair it, without costing me an arm and a leg.

thanks, Donald

stoped runing and will start back the first time

I have had my 98 chevy astro into the chevy dearlership for the last 10 days. they are stumped. nothing on computer. checked fuel pressure-good. am at wits end, need to get this fixed. could it be the gas cap? don't think

I have had my 98 chevy astro into the chevy dealer for 10 days. they are stumped. no codes come up on the computer. the engine cuts out driving down the road, any speed, shuts down in parking lots. at wits end here. any suggestions. they checked fuel pressure, good!! hope you have some ideas. thank you in advance.

This van is not getting enough air in the fuel mix. When the check engine light comes on the fuel efficiency goes in half and it uses a lot of oil. I replaced the air flow device and some cables.. It did n't help. The light comes on after the engine is warm and after I fill up with gas. When the light is on the van will occasionally run rough

plug wiring mixed up

No headlights, no interior lights, no horn, no power to fuel pump. All other electric works. All fuses good. All this happened at the same moment.

I had the heater core replaced in late 09, and it needs to be repalaced already. What could be the reason the part did not last at least a year?

Where is the ABS Control Module located on 2002 Chevy Astro

not starting when I turn it on.

is it the same as the heat blower