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Making whinging noise when driving on hiway
over 40 miles per hour
Before coming down so I can start car
Any ideas as to problem and repair?
lift gate does not sense obstruction when closing almost lost my hand
car making a grinding/bumping noise on rough roads or when hitting a bump. service stabilatrak continually on screen.
Replace right rear cv axle need to know bolt torque
trouble with car starting it doesn't die while driving it only when you stop it won't start again AutoZone check the battery starter and alternator and they said all three were good the battery light came on the dash it sounds like the starter when you turn the key it wants to start it turns over about half way and then stops if I hook jumper cables to it it will start I have great power all the lights are very bright and work well
Will not stay up. acts like a garage door that senses an obstruction in it's path.
Charged battery still won't start. Says press brake, which we are doing. Need to tow but can't get it out of gear? How do we get it out of gear?
In snow or slippery conditions, doesn't seem I have the traction I should have with AWD.
we got woke up this morning with our horn of our car sound staying on solid and wont turn off whats wrong?????
The turn signals work fine but the arrow in the outside mirror's quit working.
What can look for to repair this problem
Thank You
they adjust to each driver setting but sometime they pop when I put it in reverse
Light comes on either sensor needs replaced or reset
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