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Foot already on brake pedal
Once engaged sound is gone.
Makes a clunk sound occasionally,but shifts smoothly and does not slip or struggle to shift
I was driving home car just died battery. A got the battery charged still won't start and battery died in 10 min. Changed the starter and the alternator. Tried starting it with jumping cables still just get a loud clicking noise????
How to remove the fuel pump,do you drop the tank or thru the back seat
No response on touch screen
Screen is cracked.
Bought used SRX from an individual, one morning driving son to school messages came on to check engine oil level, and something about temperature then car shuts off. Took to my mechanic, had to replace battery, wasn't holding charge,
did that, now engine won't start. Turns over but won't start. He said thinks it's exhaust issue, so thinks it will be I'll pay more than it's worth to check it out. So I understand him not wanting to mess with it. Things that were told to me when night vehicle, was the shifter made a clincking sound when putting into gear that a bushing needed to be replaced. I'm assuming something with the linkage? I noticed after driving it a couple times, it would slip gears every now and again. Any ideas as to why may not be starting?
cylinders 2 4 6 are not firing. found one bad coil and replaced but still running rough.
something inside the transmission has come apart, want to replace that and the front and back cluches, how much should that cost
Tank leaks
I have a battery or starter would not start sounding like a low battery condition. then loud clicking sounds started for 30 minutes until turned off by AAA road service.
Used the remote key while in the car to start up and leave on a trip. Sound made of engine not wanting to turn over. Turned it off and then a loud clicking sound started continuous for 30 minutes until AAA service arrived. He started car with battery equipment after he disengaged the starter motor. I do not know whether there is a battery problem or a starter problem. Need help.
Recently had an oil change . Car now drives very hard/rough and sounds loud when I'm driving?
If I ease up on the brake pedal, the car is fine again.
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