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heta and air doesn't work in my car

and i hear a ticking noise under the dash when i start the car up

My 96 Cadillac Deville has water/antifreeze leaking under the front of the car. I have replaced the water pump, and it stopped for awhile, but now it continues to leak, smells like burnt antifreeze, and when it leaks down, my add coolant light comes on. Everytime I drive it, when I park and turn it off, there is always a puddle formed on the ground. What is causing this and where is it coming from?

My remote for keyless entry stopped working. I've changed the battery in the remote as well as disconnected the car battery many times. It still doesnt work. What could be the problem?

car won't start without using jumper cables, what's wrong?

happened 4 or 5 times in last month....battery seems to be ok...

My 94 will blow hot air to the passenger side, but only luke warm to drivers side while parked, but when driving the drivers side gets only real cold air out like the outside air is coming through only. I pulled the glove box and manualy tied back the temp control arm to it's hottest postion. What do I do next so I get heat to the drivers side, "both at floor and windshield."

ok..the engine light,the a.b.s light,coolant light,and battery light is all on...i was wondering if this would be a expensive fix?..this car is for sale for $3,000...wondering to buy or not to buy...

ihave replaced radiator, thermostas, hoses, and water pump is working well but it keeps heating up what should i look for next

I had my brakes fixed the last couples mo's of 2010. The Traction Control Light is flashing off and on. I thought it was from the snow we have had, but the roads are pretty clear now and the light is still comming on. What could the problem be?

how do you remove the trim plate on the steering wheel to get to the lighted switches

car would not turnover. had to get new battery. Warning light still came on saying Battery not charging. Had test done at local Advance Auto to see what was draining battery.
Was told some light or something is on and would drain battery slowly if not used. Driving car and battery went completely dead. Had to have it towed. Now they say it is the alternator. Is this costly repair.

I was told I need to replace power steering rack which is leaking .How difficult a job and what is the average cost

I want to know how much does it cost for a complete tune up on a cadillac deville 2001.

is the dealership the only ones qualified to change cadillac struts and shocks

happens every day for about a month

my father looked at me car its leaking water when its running and when it sits... he says its leaking water from the water pump... how much will repairs be??

where is the battery at in the 2000 cadillac deville

this isthe first time this has happened

radio stays on with door open and key out and runs down battery

i had it repared throg position sencer replace and they replace control mog brain.about 2 days later the light came back on seslight what do you think ron ca

would i be able to replace the abs module myself

when i put on the defroster the air comes out of the ac vents instead .Is it the climate control panel ?

battery died replaced battery now car wants to start but sounds like it is not getting fuel could fuse for fuel pump be blown and where is fuse located

my catalytic converter needs to be replaced where can purchase one ?. can i do it myself

when the motor heats up

where is the coolant sensor in 2000 deville

head light suggestion on dash board raer light not working

the power windows go up real slow the other day the drivers side went down i had to help it up .does it need a new motor or grease both sides are slow

Just now; first time: Oil pressure light came on "Stop Car"
We did. Husband ischecking oil dip stick as I type this.

Does the car have to be towed on the flat bed?