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if I crank the car and air on when I cut car off the air will not come back on
when i start the car to leave the a/c blows nice and cold but after about a mile the dash says low refrigerant and the a/c turns of.i can shut the car of and right back up again and again the a/c is strong and cold then shuts off again.theres no leaks.i used a sniffer and it didnt hit on any leaks.i drained the freon and put a new orifice tube and all new o-rings.when i put it on a vacume before recharging i let it sit with the vacume unplug for 35 minutes and it held a good vacume so i know theres no leaks.oh yea.just replaced the commpresser also.what am i missing?im thinking maybe the pressure switch is bad or maybe a broke wire.i dont know.i know im over it.should junk the stupid has the northstar engine.hate them things.
How involved is the repair of the AC actuator control? The vents on the dash won't open. It only blows air on your feet.
only when i make left turn right turn is fine
I checked the followings:
AC lines - very cold after orifice. Also cold at firewall entrance but not outlet hose. So I assumed not compressor.
Simple Gas charge that come with canister shows green.
All Actuators work fine. I took each off and moved manually - got same air results.
Can you identify the problem?
engine stalls when slowing down or idling in traffic.
I popped the hood to check and see if anything was wrong and every time I slam hood closed the A/C comes back on
We have installed the black guides on the window, but every time we get to the top; the window pops out.
any ?
at 1st the air bag serves light would come on and say it need serves, and it has not been it an accident at all.And now the light stays on, can you help? Thanks
I was having an issue at about 100k miles where the Low Coolant Light would pop on. I would add coolant and about a month or two later it would come back...same problem. A mechanic(my brother) told me to go to GM dealer and buy some Radiator pellets. They were <$10. Used as directed and now haven't had any issues with loosing coolant in over a year.
sometimes bad sometimes not
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