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Turn signal when I turn them on sometimes they flash and sometimes the don't. I've already change the round flasher unit under the dashboard. Is there something else?
Code P0440. Purge valve good, gas cap good, canister good, hoses look good as far as I can see, fuel line into tank looks good.
The car drives and stops good
I change the left hub assembly and wiring harness. when ABS light is on the traction control don't engage.
Is it under hood are inside under the dash?
in my 1999 cadillac deville the power windows stopped working. checked all fuses in trunk and under hood , all were good. what else could it be ? never did this before
the heater core in my 1999 deville has went bad," can it be fixed through the glove box ? one help site (the cadillac forum) said yes. i talked to two mechanics, they said the whole dash has to come out ?? i do know there is a special tool needed to remove the clamps.
the mechanic told me that the head gaskets were leaking also. i am told this is common problems with this engine ?? the engine is the north star 5.7 liter. this car is in really good shape but, (money)
please respond

thankyou mike
Why my car fuel pump fuse keep popping wen i try to crank it
everything was fine, then i parked, came back later got in the car and when i drove off i (10 - 25 mph) i hear a grinding noise so i checked and didn't see anything visibly wrong.
Overheats once coolant runs out, can't really see where the problems coming from when I lift the car; but the leak for sure is coming from underneath the fuel injectors? I just bought the car and I'm not sure if it will pass smog because of it?... Anybody have any idea what it might be?
Need replace thermostat
Leaking brake fluid. Not leaking at any wheel or caliper. Some where in line. Leaking in front left. need routing diagram of line.
I don't know if it has a cracked block or head or blown head gasket , can anyone tell what is best product for a quick fix without tearing engine apart ? Car run perfect for first 15 minutes of driving but runs terrible after warming up.
The car starts and runs great. I have to disconnect the battery so it doesn't die because I can't turn the ignition all the way off therefore it will not come out
It occurs after few days later that i put the coolant and transmission fluid in. Po455 large coolant system leak. Po442 small coolant system Leak.
Car sat for some time - repaired alternator, new battery. Ac needs relay switch I'm told.

Rides like a dream but has white smoke
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