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I was driving home from work and I was braking for a light the anti lock brakes happened for no reason. I drove a bit further and as I was turning for another light the anti locks happened, the light on the dash went crazy and then the car died. Complete loss of power in mid turn, but my flashers worked. I tried starting it about three times, and nothing. After about five minutes of panic it finally restarted.
I changed oil filter,filled crankcase, than adding water to radiator, the water instantly mixed with my oil filling the oil pan with both?
battery fine put on new starter had a major tune up
Everything worked perfectly on the test drive after replacing the Automatic control module but the next day no air. The control system lights up and I can hear the servos moving when I change fan/air flow/temp but get no air flow. I can also tell when the ac kicks in by the engine surge. Fuses look ok no other issues I can see except no fog lights but may be burnt out haven't check them. I thought the blower was replaced before I bought the car but have to check it. Have you heard of this issue hand found any common problems?
Much appreciated.
Sevice engine light is on and need it off to smog vehicle am on extremely tight budget
my power windows do not work I have power coming to my switches the switch clicks when you put it down the windows do not work another doors
This Buick randomly decides when it does and does not want to start. It seems to be getting spark. it gets fuel, I tested that by pushing the pin on the fuel rail. It does it spiratically and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to what I do as to when it doesn't start. I took it to a shop and he said that he couldn't say for sure what was wrong unless it acts up when he can put a computer on it. Any ideas?
Relacing the coolant bypass elbows and the one ontop went past the stoppong point so it was lose and had pkay. Tried to back it out and it snapped at the elbow. Anyone know how to get this peice out?
Im replacing my water pump and its almost out but the pully on the ps pump is blocking it. Whats the best and easiest way to get it out.
Changing my water pump and cannot locate drain plug for coolant. I have seen you can use lower rad hose but then you dont get control of the flow for emptying the drain pan. If someone can let me know that would be awesome
I have a 2001 regal ls. Last few days the car has been making a grinding sound by the belt assembly while at idle to about 2000rpm. Last night I checked to see if anything has changed and there is now oil spattered in the engine and its going onto the belt. Can somebody please let me know whats going on.
Sometimes it shifts out of park right away.
My brake lights dont work unless my high beams are on and i have checked into this issue and noticed that it could be a few things i heard that ut is possible to be a turn signal switch but i dont want to replace that if its not whats wrong any ideas on how i could check this or what else i could do to fix this problem?
My abs light is on and brake light is on checjed had no brake fluid added that then tried to drive it to get the brake fluid in the lines cane back let it sit and opened up brake fluid none again and none on the ground and brakes go to the floor i have no idea what it can be they do stop but no preassure ib the brake pedal i need thia fixed asap please help
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