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the headlights horn and inteior lights just stopped working what are common fixes

light on poor gas miles

What is cost to repair or replace the fuel gauge.It does not register full.

intermit scanned and read code c1218 looked up code and said pump motor circuit short to voltage or motor ground.Where do I start to find solution to problem

My air bag warning light flashes when I first start my car then stays on steady there are no codes



Why is the security light on?

The automatic door lock button works intermittently, sometimes works consistently but then will stop working for a month or more. Likely problem? Cost to repair?

My door/trunk light stays on most of the time. Sometimes it will go off on its own. What could be the cause?

cranks and cranks and finally turns over. Service engine light comes on and stays on.Idling rough-accelerates ok but afraid to sit at stop signs for fear it will kill and not restart.Has about 76000 miles-most in town. Any ideas?

I cannot see my milage day or night

abs brake light came on couple of months ago. mechanic says i need to replace the complete system. computer dianostic indicate following ---ccde C1298,PCMclass 2 serial data link malfunction----code C1214 solenoid vlv relay coil or conta ckt open. WILL REPLAEMENT OF BODY CONTROL MODULE CORRECT THIS LIGHT ETC. ABS PROBLEM.

my remote keyless entry key fob won't work. I replaced the battery and followed the owners manual directions for reset and nothing happens.

my remote dosen't work no matter which button I push. I changed the battery in it and followed the owners manual reset instructions and nothing happens

i need the code for the radio in my 2003 buick century

how do you replace the timing chain in a 1999 buick century with the 3100 motor? The diagnostic tester said the oxygen sensors were bad so i replaced them and the car still wont start up and its got spark and good fuel pressure.the car ran fine good than it just shut off while driving it cranks but wont run an i checked everything else so it must be the timing chain rite?

Both of the rear shoulder straps for the safety belt are locked in. How can you get these to release?

When a drive my car over 40 mph and I brake it starts to shake and it then dies out but it always starts back up. It never happens when I am going slower than 40 mph

My muffler broke in half and needs to welded back together. Can i get an estimate on it.

My car heater only works when driving. When on idle will not heat up. Can try to warm up car but heater wont work while idling.

my heater blower is inoperative at all speeds, no fan at all. The blower works though as the A/c works on the first 2 levels, just not on high speed. I replaced the blower resistor with no luck. Not sure if it might be the heater resistor switch, but cannot locate it. If you know where that switch is or have any good ideas, I would apprecite it. thanks.

hoping it just needs fluid - what kind of fluid does it need? can I drive car if pedal goes to floor for short distance to get to dealer?

wipers left on by my daughter got iced up overnight and when car restarted in morn evidently arms got twisted out of position, so wipers park in middle of glass

Is there a 100,00K mile check-up for a 199 Buick Century? If so, what exactly is taken care of? What's the cost likely to be?

I have been told I need a tune-up, transmission fluid flush, steering fluid flush. All at a cost of $900.00. The tune up being about half of that. It seems like alot to me. What should I be asking?

Cable from driver's hood release switch to hood release latch has come disconnected near radiator. How can I open hood to replair/reconnect cable so driver's switch will work normally again?

I have a slow leak and have an estimate to have the intake manifold gasket replaced. The cost to repair including antifreeze, labor (6 hrs)and parts is $550. Is this a fair price and is it a repair that needs to be done immediately. The light on the dash keeps saying "low coolant".

How much does it cost to replace a sensor light? A red light has come on my dash stating coolant is low, check coolant. The coolant was checked and it was okay, not low

my fans in my 2001 buick century didn't stop working and in couple of hours it draind my battery. what is that mean? pls help...i had to jump start it and i dont know if it will start tomorrow...