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when i drive all gage gos down, "ABS" light on, i don't know what to do? pls help me
I got into my car to go home from running a quick errand and when i went to start my car it just shut power what so ever!! I tried to jump the car but as soon as i put the jacks on the lights came on in the car but still no actual power to start it up
car runs good tho
happends if the car is running or not
After I replaced the water cooled alternator, I added coolant but the car still got overheated within a few minutes of idling.
I checked the fuse box and it was blown and put another one there and the same thing happened. It worked perfectly fine before the tune up. Please someone HELP ME!!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. THE PASSENGER SIDE IS FINE. I cannot move the driver's seat at all and it is too close on the steering wheel.
It happens when I make a turn, especially so when parking. the noise is a lot like a groan, or a moan. It is not high pitched like a squeal. After the motor is off and the car rests for a while,. the noise disappears, only to return after a day, or a week, or a month. Anyone have a clue?
Radio worked until suddenly didn't. Stations show. CD and cassette player work but no sound.
I ahve a GPS/radio combo with the cassette behind and an Alpine disc changer in the trunk. My GPS functions with no problem but my radio will not come on. This happened before and I unplugged the changer, pulled the fuses to check them, powered off the dvd navigation player. And eventually the radio worked again. I believe that it was a fluke that started working. Where should I look next?
just changed the plugs and it ran reel good for the first two days but now it is idling ruff.
I changed the control module and the light won't go off. The car starts but runs rough. What do I need to do.
If I lock the car and alarm is "ON" battery will drain.
If I don't lock the car 2 - 3 weeks later car will start without problem.Can I remove the fuse for alarm and where is located?

My 2001 540i had trans. problems. The trans fail/safe warning would come on, i drove it like that for a lil while. when i turned it off then on it would run normally for a few miles then pop back the failsafe and i would immediately lose performance but would still move. then eventually it got to the point were my trans. wouldnt perform it would sit when in gear engine idling and barely crawling forward. replaced the trans, Now the car wont start! the car cranks but wont start. Help me out here, anyone.
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