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other than that the engine starts right up, there is no smoke from the exhaust. any tnhougts of what might be the problem. Can valves be adjusted on this engine

i replaced it cleared the code and it came back and the airbag light is always on as well as the one that is a triangle with a circle around it....

trouble codes 100, 306, 1585

also heater is not working properly

I try to slove this problem i spend lot of mony on it sttil
code coming up for p0171&p0174 thanks

I can't find the heater hoses on first glance. Is that where they are?

Now the car has a clipping sound, almost like the fan touching something, coming from the timing chain on the rightside bank of the engine. What could this be and what will need to be replaced? The car still starts and idles with no missfire. Idling is a little rough though with the clipping sound very load while idling.

When I get in and lock the doors the siren goes off for about 2 to 3 mins but lights continue to flash for about 10 minutes.

Is it a DIY replacement?

replace change and guida rall

i change all shift selenoid and still getting code 100

I was driving my 540i home and it all of a sudden lost speed and i pulled it over and had it towed to the bmw dealer and they said it blown the engine. i had no lights or bells to go off and let me know what was wrong. Now my warranty won't pay for it because they said i ran it hot! i had no ideal the car was hot because the temp. gauge was at the normal range and it was full of water. help me please. i need my car fixed and they won't fix. i need advice. HELP!!!!

Presumably the cooling fan under hood on passenger side fails to turn off after 1 hour when ignition is turned off blowing air into car under both driver and passenger front seats. Needed to disconnect battery.

car down the odometer reading went from 78000 to 999999 all other function of the instrument cluster is working is thereany was to reset the milage?

and its still not driving right what could it be

have no reverse

duel is being siphened from left tank to right tank

i have a 1998 540i 6 speed the battery is disconnected and trunk and doors were locked and now with battery to car disconnected im unable to get n car . key wont unlock it had locksmith try to open it by pulling on doorhandle lock would come open but then go down. i read somewhere u can pull fuse from underneath car to disarm alarm do u know what else i can try! HELP ME PLEASE

my car has a ruff idle like a little miss fire. check engine light is on and it smokes really bad when cold. i first thought the smoke was from wrong oil put in it. cause i just had an oil change and had some one else do it. the antifreeze level doesn't seem to be changing. and oil looks good.

Driving to work and for the first time a warning allert came on saying transmission in safe mode operation and driving became sluggiss and seemed trans would hardly move vehicle.Then radio went off, battery indicator lit and a/c went off. Pulled over and stopped, cut car off for about 5-10 min started back up drove a short distants, car drove normal and everything operated normal. Had car towed home just to be safe. Tried to start car after getting it home, the battery was dead. Can anyone help me with and idea of what going on?

I mistakenly put brake fluid into the power steering fluid! all the fluid leaked out. what can I do to fix it??

my upper hose is a moled hose with plastic quick connect on all 3 ends i am having trouble removing the ends once the retaining clips are removed do i need a special tool?

Hi, my passenger seat is stuck in the reclining position and when I want to bring it in to the upright position only the righthand side elevates. The whole seat then pulls scew. Any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

car will not start, can't lock doors or let windows up or down

I have had two pins at the DME connector broken off due to corrison from coolant that seeped through the wiring harness. Is there a repair option besides having to replace the DME ?

I was driving when i hit the pavement and cracked the upper oil pan,the oil has been leaking ever since,i have removed the lower oil pan and i have removed all the screws but cant remove the upper oil pan. Please help.

I just purchased my first bmw 540i it has 107,000 miles.the car runs fine everything seems to be working properly except for the valve cover gasket is leaking a little!How much does a job like this run?Also does anyone know the average mpg?

Car wat for 1 month in winter. Battery had to be charged. A few days later it won't start. Batty strong but nothing happens when key is turned. No sound at all. there's a remote start in the cfar. That doesn;tg do anything either.
Put in new starter with no good results. Still no start.

My 95, 540i with 123K (new radiator and water pump) still has a mild coolant leak. I am thinking intake manifold as they are notorious with this model....any way to help me diagnose (even where the leak would be, etc.) Thanks in advance

where are the spark plugs located under the cover