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anyone know what most likely causes this? i need to buy parts but dont want to buy the wrong one, really need to get this fixed!
starts about 10 mph
I have to replace valvetronic actuator gasket ,eccentric shaft sensor seal gasket,o/f housing gasket,bmw valve cover gasket,valve cover gasket bolts,and change spark pugs on a BMW 330xi 2006 manual....
Runs perfect then when stop starts missing and has no power won't shift rite and continues this until car sets for awhile and then runs good for a little while
When I use the heat, cold air comes from the vents. My car is not overheating, so I am wondering what it could be, besides a thermostat.
I recently purchased vehicle. Car runs poorly if not warmed up; need help!

Car is not overheating; fan is not running at random times. T

I have to turn car off ,and wait for time out on the window power....the turn car on,(reapply power) then switch/button widow up, other wise I can here the motor trying to keep the window there a limit switch?
Resevoir is full, and light still on. Sometimes it goes off, but generally remains on.
Feel it most when accelerating especially up hill. Believe vibration is in front.
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