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Yesterday, I came out of a restaurant after having lunch, started my car and heard a reciprocating noise from the front end that got worse if the wheel was turned in either direction, like a bearing going bad. I don't know if it was making the noise prior to stopping for lunch. I immediately drove to my repair shop, the steering degenerating until it was very hard to turn the wheel as I pulled into their lot. They called today to say that my rack & pinion assembly needs replacing. I trust this shop but I'm wondering if the repair could be simpler than this.

When I start to drive the gears slip and there is a 3 to 4 second delay before the trans shift. Especially going into 2nd and 3rd gear. After driving for about 20 minutes, the problem seems to go away and the trans ends up shifting properly like if there wasn't a problem. It seems like the problem only occurs when the car is cold, what could this most likely be?

i broke the on/off button for my audio system. It attaches to the main computer board. can it be repaired or do i need to replace whole unit

I had a problem this weekend during a road trip while running the air on the automatic setting - after about 2 or 3 hours, the fan stopped blowing any air. When I held my hand close to the vent I could feel that the air was cold but it would not blow out. Tried switching from the automatic setting and turning the fan all the way up, but it still wouldn't blow any cold air out. This only happens on long drives and, after the car is parked for a while, the air runs as though there was never a problem. What could be causing this and how much to repair the problem?

wiper motor

What is the normal process to replace the cabin/air conditioner air filter?

I cant find that sucker anywhere, where should I be looking?

Have had a new (rebuilt) transmission and computer installed in 2003 TL - since then, mileage has dropped from 28-31 highway, 24-26 in town to about 19.
A mechanic friend suggested that the computer ROM needs to be rebooted and/or modified to match the effects of the new Torque Converter. 1) Does this make sense? 2) What should this cost?
I really like this car!

I'm confused about a transmission service. Three area Acura dealerships recomend that I get a transmission flush while a fourth dealership says Acura recomends that you drop the pan. Of course, just dropping the pan is the cheapest but what is best for the car. A little help please.

was showing err on screen but would come back on a day or two later, but now it won't come back on just shows err on screen and then goes back to radio automatically

codes P1399 and PO301 I've replaced the EGR valve and the spark plugs but the car still miss firing

after a turn up my car refuse totally to start accidentally i disconnect the battery he ask for radio code car refuse to crank

Driving car 1st thing in morning after starting. Within minutes, noise and vibration appeared. Drove approx. 1 minute to area to stop and checked tires. Saw nothing. Turned around and brought car back home. 3 days prior, had brakes checked @ dealer - nothing. Brakes fine, rotors good. 5 days prior, car serviced @ dealer due to leak. $1,800 repair (main seal, O-ring replaced, side engine mount replaced, transmission service). 42 point vehicle inspection.

I was driving my 2001 acuera tl to work one morning,I live about 90 miles from my job, when I got to the city which is 78 miles into the trip, my transmission wouldn't shift out of third gear. What could be the problem when I already got the transmission re-builded and I only about 60,000 miles into it.

where is power filter located on car

where is the power steering filter located on my 1999 acura tl

i replaced switch 1 yr ago. just drove in light rain, response slow at first, then stopped all together.

My car was making a squealing sound. From what I know about cars I suspected it was the air conditioning belt. My car is a 2003 Acura 3.2TL with 65,000 on it. I took it to the dealership and they said it needs all new belts to include having a timing belt-tensioner and new water pump. My question is "Does this all need to be done?" I agree with the belt, but not sure about the time-belt-tensioner and the new water pump. Would you please assist. Thank you.

how much oil does this engine hold including the filter... thanks

The brake lights stay ALL THE TIME, even when the ignition key is turned to off and the key is pulled out. Needless to say, the battery is constantly being drained, unless I disconnect the battery cable. Never seen this before. .....shorted brake switch?

The caR oveRheated this weekend on the way back fRom a tRip. I would like to know what the estimated pRice would be to change the motoR.

Would it be a wise decision to purchase this vehicle with 100,000 miles on it?

how do you replace the ignition switch

what is the correct oil filter for 1996 acura 3.2 tl

The sun visor clip that is mounted to the interior roof has broke off and would like to replace... or affix some how with adhesive, glue??? it looks like a clean break.

Please help?

can u please tell what is code p0497 on my acura tl 2005 and is it driveable

what does the code po700 means? and i do i go by fixing this problem?

Check engin light is on. I have the error code p1705 eny ditails on where this problem may be?

My battery was dead and the vehicle would not start it turns out that the blue tooth in the vehicle was draining the battery, that was disconected and now my remotes will not work

does anyone know where i can get disc for gps system with mexico map on it ?