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Can I get less engine vibration caused by bad motor mounts by putting in aftermarket mounts or do I have to replace with OEM ones that cost 100 more a piece
took to repair shop (high quality shop)their diagnosis was motor mounts front and rear needed replacement.I'm retired auto collision shop owner so figured I could change them and save hundreds. took them out and found them to be not broken or cracked,thought one would be and front one showed signs on bolts it had been replaced.Can they internally be bad or aftermarket replacment be inferior. vehicle has never been wrecked,very well taken care of but has 190th miles,and engine runs very smooth.
rca plugs
Changed fuel pump and still not starting where's the rest button on the car or can someone give me so advice to get it started
Brought a new fuel pump and got ut inns my car still won't start so where I do go from here?
There was a cranking noise coming from the engine and it died when I was taking it to the dealer. The dealer said the motor might be bad and they are asking for a lot of money to replace it. Did any one else had similar problem? Any recalls?
after I left work last night my needle was reading hot way up there and after 4-miles into my 8-mile drive home massive black smoke was spewing from my exhaust pipes and smoke from under the hood and it died out about 2-blocks from home it started back up after about 10-minutes I just had the Heater Core and Blower Motor replaced 2-weeks ago
I put temp all the way up n it don't get hot on auto or ac
Yes good evening I have a 1997 Acura 3.2 TL I took my car Monday 10/28/13 for replacement of a blower motor was told in advance it will be 8-hours of labor at 45.00 per hour no problem for me. 2-days later I get a call the car is ready but they also replaced the HEATER CORE and flushed the engine the bill was 1,518.72 645.00 of that bill was Labor what is your take on this Respectfully Bob Rodriguez
I need to change my o2 sensor and started looking around to see how much the part would cost me. When they started asking all these questions, I don't even know where its located. How do I find the sensor?
The car was shutting off intermittently while driving. Researched the vin with the local dealer and found that the ignition switch had been replaced in 2002. All research pointed to this being the problem. Bought a new ignition switch and installed it and there is now no power to the instrument cluster and nothing happens when I try to start the car. Put the old ignition switch in and still have not power and the car wont start. No power to the starter, no instrument panel lights, no head lights. Battery is good and no fuses are blown.
My Aucrua is always garaged and is in outstanding condition. Yesterday, I saw a 10 inch crack on the passenger side dashboard. Help
Front a stop position, a thud is heard from the right rear when accelerating quickly, only from 1 to 2 gear. Dose seem to be more noticeable the more quickly you accelerate. If you consciously accelerate slowly, there is no sound.

I've thought perhaps transmission, seems likely, but that is not where the sound is coming from. Any ideas?
If so, which would be recommended?
Which brand, if any, is recommended for my car?
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