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Curently have a 04 Ford Mustang 40th Anniversary Edition, I was T-boned by a truck, I replaced the door but kept all the inside parts they were still intact when I connected everything I tried locking the car with my stock remote and only the passenger side would lock and unlock, they key works to unlock and lock but not the control. After inspection I found the Door Contact Switch was broken is this the answer to my problem?

why sometimes is a gasoline aroma inside the cabin when i turn the a/c on? its a 95 towncar

new plugs and fuel pump. took it in for a diagnostic was told i need a distributor ,,,now why does that not sound right...can you confirm

have no reverse

Some times when I am going down the road the car misses an wont take fuel. Push on the gas an it just like it runs out of gas bogs down but it still runs it dont die. You try to give it gas it wnt take it. Turn the car off an restart it an it is fine runs good and goes one as nothing happon.Eng lite is on an some times its not. What is going wrong an what do I need to do to fix it ????

no spark... just died heading to there and where would the rely be located for the pcm??...the only code pulled was for the coil pack, there are 4 on each ... would it be normal for both to go bad at same time??

idles good dies and pops when given gas

my rear air shocks are pumped up to the top so the back end is jacked up. the dealer has already replaced the sensor switch and said it is probably the pump. doesn't sound right to me.

i have replaced the headlight switch and i still only have turn signals and hazard lights, no head lights

how do i remove the cylinder head from my grand voyager and reinstall a new one?

replaced gasket and put a seal but still leaks, thought it was a hose underneath but replaced clamp too. possible replacing of thermostat housing needed?

This is a first time repalcement.

We have looked everywhere on the internet which to find a auto repair manual looking for the timing marks for a 1998 Dodge Neon 2.0 SOHC. Where are the marks located and what are the settings. Please and thank you for any help rendered.

/my mec told me in time i would need a trammission it slip a little when driving i have not droven it in 2 years i dont know know if it worh fixing

We have a 1998 ES300 with 110,000. Whenever it rains the back seat floors become soaked. The seats are not wet and there is no moisture around the inside of the sunroof. We are stumped and do not know where to begin to look for a solution