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car has no power to the speedo cluster, climate control, air suspension, turn signal switch. air bag light and brake light come one. car will not start does not even turn over and do not hear a click. will sometimes start right up if it has been sitting, it will run but still have no power to speedo, suspension, climate control etc. all the fuses are ok, ingnition switch is ok, battery is ok.

it consumes water somewhere cause I never see it comming out from no where what can it be

while on the highway I ran over a muffler in the middle of the highway. I immediately got on the shoulder of the highway. The should was a little high so as I got on the shoulder the muffler stayed on the ground. In the morning my check engine soon light was illimunated. A few days before the light came on I notice clear water leaking after I parked.

I have no idea on what to touch and remove but am afraid of the air bag deploying or other things happening that I need to be aware of before taking it all apart.

Two owners, 206K miles, maintenance records up to 186K miles. I picked the car up with 1/8th tank of gas. I was told it ran fine on minimum grade fuel, so I filled it up. Drove it 44 miles home and parked it in the garage. I started it this morning and it would not stay running. Could it be the low grade gas? I am going to try one of the octane boosters /PEA by Chevron to see if the works. If not, fuel pump?

I was replacing the fuses in my car trying to get my lights to work again. My horn doesn't work anymore and my gear shift won't move out of park even when I'm pushing the brakes. I'm trying to determine if my brakes are working at the moment. If anyone knows which fuses I may have messed with that would cause this problem please let me know. Thank you.

Vehicle will not start after sitting a few hours or more, cranks only, fuel pump runs when key is cycled and a manual fuel gauge check revealed constant 55psi, this is also true when vehicle starts and runs, question is during the times vehicle will not start the only way to make it start is to disconnect battery let sit for about 10mins then reconnect and vehicle will start fine, untill sitting for a few hours or more, has new crank sensor also, no change in symptom, what is happening when battery is removed to make vehicle start once battery is reconnected?, Thanks Michael

How much to replace a starter?

There's a leak on the power steering hose, that's it.

How much should it cost to replace the pivots in the emergency brake system?

what would be the cost to replace the front brake lines? What would be the cost to replace the rear brake lines?

Replaced the battery and after that I drove 1000 miles. Confused what should I do now? Should I try to do smog check at some other station?

I failed my emissions test with high CO and NO emissions. My mechanic checked it and replaced my Cat and O2 sensor. Check engine light came back on and mechanic tells me that the EGR sensor is the cause but to have it re-tested anyway. It failed the test again with only slightly lower CO levels (it passed all other levels).

Any ideas? Mechanic's only thought off-the-bat is the EGR, but I'm meant to understand that this does not effect CO levels. Thanks!

While I'm driving on bumps or pot whole I'm hearing the front suspensions rattling on my new 2011 Hyundai elantra . I only hav the car for only 4 month only... N when I turn the car on in the morning I can hear a naoking noise on the valves..