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do we replace the entire mirror or just the film
Hi I have a 2008 lexus is350, and the climate buttons and LCD screen is not working at all. I push the buttons and no respond, the LCD screen has power to it because i can see a light, lighting up in the background. I think its the climate/hvac module? if someone knows where its located. i would appreciate it. or any other idea that you might think that are wrong?oh and I changed the whole climate unit console and still got the same problem.
2009 Chrysler Aspen with 26100 miles will not start. Took to dealer and they check battery and ran test and found everything in good condition. Yet 24 hours will not start again.
replace sway bar end links
have new battery still want start.
The check engine light is on and it will not pass the emission test.
I was driving down the road and engine just stopped. First time this has happened. Will not restart and all lights, radio, locks work. Not the battery. 2000 Chevy Tahoe and 150,000 miles.
pulled on the lever
After blowing out 2 EGR valves and following recommendations that it was a plugged Cat (Catalytic Converter) I finally after much ado got the Cat right behind the flex pipe off and a bunch of gray matter (not like the stuff inside your skull) came out of the Cat. looked like honeycmb but was in small chunks and some of the chunks looked like they were melted so I guess I found my back pressure/blown EGR valve problem. Looks to me like there's another (much larger) Cat about 2 feet behind that one between the 1st Cat and the muffler (which is way back at the rear of the car). Guess I'll pull that one to to see of more gray junk falls out. Have a good picture of the gray stuff but don't know how to post it here.
Only one side wont work, but when in parking position they light up only the head light wont work on the one side, and not bulb??
The noise comes from the front of the vehicle, it is not present when driving at low speeds and seems to go away if I slow the car down, below 65 on freeway, and when I brake.
spray some carb cleaner into the air intake hose had anothperson crank engine ,engine finally started ran fine when 20 miles and stop car again .came to start car and had same problem,had rubber mallet and ligthly hit fuel filter then phelum on engine car finally started drove day had same problem.change fuel pump and said they ran another wire from tank ground to ground on fuel ran fine for a few days then,woundt,t start again changed sparkplug and wires cap,rotor,still has code 54 (fuel circuit problem)car runs but has a miss that I can fine,can you help
engine will idle once started. Fuel relay wants to click on and off while cranking and when the engine is reved from idle the relay will clitc off shutting off the fuel.
it is the driver side rear corner. not flush with the pass. rear side.
I hope you can help me, or direct me to a site where I can access troubleshooting procedures for my '99 Z3 (it appears to have an MS52 TU engine). Specifically, I've got a problem that allows the engine to start but immediately die; it won't let the engine continue running. I've bought a manual from Bently Pub., an OBD codes manual from Haynes, and an OBDII tester: the only error code detected is "p0101 p". The manuals all say that code indicates a Mass Air Flow 'signal value error'. While I might assume that means an open circuit, none of my manuals indicate how to test the MAF sensor, which I've removed and now want to test; I don't want to buy a new one, then find out the problem is in the ECM computer (replaced 2 years ago with a 'rebuilt' unit for $3k) or elsewhere in the circuit. Can you advise me, or direct me to a website that can help me? Thanks in advance.