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I really don't see "Do it yourself" help on this site.
Is this a site run by MB Dealers?
I've changed the gas cap and i know the code is for the evap bypass solenoid but is that part of the whole canister if so could i buy the whole canister or can i buy just the solenoid
this only happens when i turn to the right and go over a bump
when depressing the clutch pedal there's nothing there, it's very soft
removed all the screws around the speaker,but speaker wont budge,,alot of tension holding it back
On top of the EGR valve unit there is a socket for an electrical connection. Can someone please tell me where the plug comes from or is attached to so I can make the right connection. Sorry to say that I disconnected this a few months ago, and yes I DID NOT mark it. DUHHH! So I am looking for someone to helm me remember if at all possible. Funny thing is that I did take a photo but I cant see the connection that good and I need someone to help me out. Thank you.
the hose is leaking at the first part where the line meets the hose at the top
when I get the shimmy it is felt in the steering but I have had the tires checked and balanced but I still get it slightly. I also feel a vibration when I brake at highway speeds. I think it may all be related has anyone had any experience with this? The Jeep has 93,000 miles and I would like to sell it or trade for a pickup but I don't want to if it's unsafe.
the battery and alternator seem OK, but the engine wont catch. This only happens when it is over 80 degrees. Could this be a fuse or a relay?
We can pull the latch up on the hood itself, but only the passenger side will lift. The cable is frayed going to the driver's side
doesn't shift into over-drive at high speeds.
check engine light is on
Is it difficult
This is only after engine is warm.
Even worse in Hot/Warm weather.
It is as if the signal is not being sent to tell it that it is a warm engine.
I have cleaned the Massive Air Flow Sensor.
Otherwise it runs fine.
could be Mass Air Flow Sensor or need to have purge valve replaced