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Battery had to be recharged and negative was disconnected.
Not sure if the battery went down due to the mis-function of the window or a bad connection at or near the battery.
Window does not release from compression of weather strip when door is open. Door will not close correct due to defect.
The mirror itself is not broke, came too close to tree and knocked the mirror off. Currently held on with duct tape.
The only way to close the sunroof is bumping the switch, back & forth
rebalance correct?
how do i install a fuel pump relay switch
total of five lugs. 2 broken lugs on front left tire.
this bmw before fan its no work but we change this fan until now same problem can you help me please

best regard moh.bayoud

couple of times the airmatic sign came on. i took to dealer. could not detect. there was crack on shocks. i changed them. still i hear hissing sound. can my car collapse and is it safety issue?? please help.
Have changed the spark plugs and air filter. Now check engine light back on and put on obd and it saying p1405 and it when you give it the gas it skips a little. Also change air filter and upper radiator hose.
Hit a curb and alignment is off
I have a Mazda 3 2006 and I bought the car used from a dealership last December. The car was fine until the summer time came around. When my car gets very hot because of outside temperatures the AC started giving me problems since last year, only months after I bought the car. Last year we went to autozone and put sealant/refrigerant oil in the car. It seemed to have fixed it last year but now I am having the same problem again but worse. The AC can be turned up as high as it can go and the air is still warm or barely cool. If I sit in the car while parked the AC will start blowing hot air or the car will stall. If I drive the car after it has been parked while the AC is on then the air starts to turn cold again again, but only if I am driving around. Just a couple days ago I had a friend try to put sealant/refrigerant oil in the car again and it wouldn't take it. He said it was backing the hose out. Now the AC is blowing only warm to hot air. I'm not sure what is wrong with it but I was told by him that it might be the clutch. I think he was referring to the compressor clutch but I'm not sure if that is the real problem. Does anyone have any suggestion to what it might be? I am hoping it is not expensive because my husband is deployed and money is really tight and I won't be able to afford anything really expensive. Lastly, the antifreeze/coolant reservior is full and I have not really seen the fluid deplete from it so could that also be an issue as well?
I have a 1995 ford murcury mystique 4 cylinder 2.O - I change the fuel pump fuel filter but still have no fuel pressure and have check with a noid light to fuel injectors and have no injector pulse. what can I do
I have replaced the battery and get power to the car when I turn the key is makes a pop noise and kills all the power I have to get out and move around positive terminal to get power back. I can get it to start by jumping it. The battery is literally brand new so its not that. It pops and kills power and will start with a jump any ideas?
I thought it was a GEM module causing it but I tried another one and the 4x4 still wont engage ! Help please I refuse to be gouged at Ford/Quicklane!
Fairly new plugs and coil and wires and cap and rotor. Don't understand the code. Have a large in air intake hose for breather could it be my culprit?