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after i finish to change the head cylinder gasket
What can be wrong
code p0140 still come up...why and how can i fix the problem????? please help
need to test the relay.
to over heat so much that I cant drive it . What causes this type of problemk I already replaced the thermostat and I dont have any vislble leaks . Thanks for your help
car has 100,000 miles on it
Vehicle starts and runs for 3 to 5 secounds then dies.
have minimal heat.whatis inlet or outlet hose,water pump or engine block
crank sensor is bad . Where is the crank sensor. Is it off the cam or underneath of the engine?
what makes it scrub when you turn the steering wheel
Meaning how could I check the wiring harness.
When I got ready to start the van I had a bad gase leak around 2 of the injectors. I fixed the leak but when I went back to start it I had no fire to plugs and no gase to the fuel rails. I checked the fuel pump and it works when I hot wire it. I checked all the fuses in the fuse box under the hood. I can,t find anything else that would stop it from firing up. The relays seem to be ok. Where does the fire come from that goes to the coil pack where is it routed from. I have no enorsha switch. I don,t think I have a theft switch. The 2006 looks just as the 2003 I only changed the intake on the top and the fuel pipe that came from one side fuel rail to the other because the fuel rail I have on the o3 has two lines coming off the rail one going back to the tank, and the o6 has only one. On the side of my fuel tube is a fuel regulator and I don,t remeimber one on the o6. Can u help me out?
my car is been leaking all the oil every 2 days.i was told it was the oil pump to junk the car that noone will change it..that the oil pump is located in a bad spot
I think its taking on air but from where and how much does it cost to fix?
Is it possible to send a diagram? Thanks for any help you can offer.