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The car has been sitting for a long time and now its not turning the starter its just clicks for a couple of times. Do I need a new starter or can I fix the one that is bad and if so how?

I put the charger on the battery will say fully charged. But then when I try to start it all I get is a growl. Tried to jump start no luck. Could it be the battery, alternator, starter, or sensor, or where do I look. It was running fine with no problems. The battery is about 4-5 years old.

Ac starts cold then warm then cold, blend door free and seems to work.

just bought used 129Kmiles for daughter, dealer replaced sensors, then engine light on, he took to his mechanic who said he fixed all the fuel air ratio had it all day tested w his machine, now engine light on and took to Autozone today, pulled up many codes, car drives well but think we should return to used car dealer, we don't know what to do but can't put more into this car, just registered it and replaced belts and bought it a month ago

at 35000 miles I replaced the fuel pump a second time and
both times at a cost of over 750.00 per time and with no explanation as to cause and the vehicle was out of warranty.
Do you have any knowledge that may prevent this from happening
again or a possible cause for this to happen. I keep my gas tank full at all times, have never run out of gas and never
had less than a half tank since owning the truck

Checked freon level it is good but will not cool. When the conditioner is on it makes a clicking noise.

i have checked now vac leaks replaced massairflow plugs wires fuel filter and checked presser the gage was maxed out when i truned the key on

I would like to change the cylinder head gasket and I need a diagram on how to do it and I could not find my book.

to low don't drive. It rights itself when I begin to move ?

Lately I have been driving down the road and my service stability control light has came on and at the same time it seems like the brake atomaticlly comes on and the van pulls to the left. Any ideas?

Fuel milage has decreased significantly due to such.

Engine ran rough. Had plugs and wires replaced. Service said to replace thermostat so that was done. Once replaced could not get air purged. Engine overheats. Now engine runs great, but will over heat.

Also, been told that I had to clean EGR passage ($210.00 for a 30 minute job??) and the radiator is apparently leaking. machanic told me had to be replaced?? why not replaced? Help, I am feeling I am getting pulled over.

I did a tire rotation and a oil change and Nissan service said it's my front brakes and I replaced the brakes too but the sound is still there. Please Help!!!!!!!!

I called the dealership and they want 85.00 to check out the whole system to see if that's the problem. If blower motor is bad, the part itself is 500.00 plus labor and something else that has to be put on as well. I know they charge out the butt and I am hours from the nearest dealer. Where is the blower motor located so I can check it out for myself if the relay is not the problem? Also, what else would cause the blower motor to just up and quit without any signs?