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42re transmission, i need to know is there is one problem that will cause the three codes to come up. codes are PO753, PO720,and P1763.

What type of Mechanic would do this work? how much would the part and the labor run me. Estimation of course>

How does the part cost Crank Shift and how much the work would something like this cost.

the high beams on my escalade will function on and off during the day but will not work at night

I have a 2004 Ford Explorer that constaintly leaks around the thermostate area. First it was the O-ring, and then I found that it was the thermostate housing. I have changed it twice now.

i have plan to take my car to repair shop

the fuel used is the correct one and the fuel tank is tightly closed?

possibly needing to replace the thermostat and i have seen where it reads 180 or 195

Happens when turning to right or left. Could this be power steering pump?

Lights stay on , then when I put the turn signal on they all stay on but not flashing

Changed plugs . Very hard to start at times , when I get it started it idles well but when I get going it skips and bucks.

I do not seen any signs of a leak inside or out. I do not see a decrease in coolant in the radiator

Just replaced Feul Pump and Filters

DTC P0013 Exhaust Camshaft Position (CMP) Acuator Solenoid Control Circuit. 77,000 miles and t/c light keeps coming on but will go off in time. But continues to come back on.

Just replaced battery and positive terminal. Turn signals do not work most of the time. Everyonce inawhile it will work for a moment, then not again for the rest of the ride.