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I would like to turn it off or even on?
will not turn to the off pos key stuck
Its like loses power when I hit the gas almost like it is not getting enough air to the motor.
I think it belongs to anti lock brake. The wires actually broke and I am trying to find out what they hook to
Not operate. Regular brakes work
Truck will shut down and not restart. Would like to know what caused this? We have replaced valve once and drove about 10 miles. Shutdown happened again.
Clutch is slipping from 2nd to 3rd what is the cost of clutch repair
Clutch is slipping
Almost a grinding noise...Alternator?
my van coolant themsant sticks an the its a conversation van 1500 so you know what kind my vechile is im talking about ineed so advice to what to do I put coolant it already an need to know cn still drive after it running out short drives an drive long drives to or not
when my drive it short drive so long drives it running out one me when drive it I already but coolant in it now so I need know what could it be so I know I can I drive it long drive with it or not I need to know I can drive for long drive like twenty mins or not or not drive to far with it I know it coolant temputer stick on my conversation van its 1500 an the this sticks an dnt move since I put the fill in it so what can I do now so can drive it or get it fix soon
i did some troubleshooting i had a coolant leak, i found it its in back of water pump thers a metal hose that goes back about 12 in then thats were coolant is weaping out of,that hose is metal i was wondering does it turn to rubber and how in the hell i can get to it. A/C was just blowing very hot air befor leak now it starts working just till coolant gets low was it clogged uP? THANKS
error code p0341
then i turn engine back on, i drive for a bit then my temp goes to normal. If i start car and drive, with it saying cold it will not warm up until i turn it off then on again
engine light was going on and off now on steady. I also notice I have no passing gear up hills or on this one problem on more.thank you