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Hi: I am hearing buzzing noise everytime I press accelerator pedal. The noise seems to be coming from the speed-RPM dials and I am guessing it is caused by a speedometer cable. But the display is electronic. So what can it be? If it is speedometer cable, how can I get rid of the noise? It has become very annoying now. Thanks in advance.
How do I remove the passenger side tail light assembly? It must be replaced.
I have only cold air blowing from vents unless I am accelerating. Recently, I had basic maintennance done ... oil change, fluids checked, radiator flushed, etc, Then the heat was warm ALL the time ... but only for 2 weeks. Now its cold except when accelerating. Shouldnt there be coolant in the reservoir tank, up to the "cold line"?? Should I add directly to the overflow tank? Anything specific I should check or monitor, or is this out of my league?
how often do i need to change the timing belt??
What is the purpose of a pressure cap? What could I expect if the cap was bad?
what those it mean when the service stability light turns on
my car only gets warm from the engine and takes forever to defrost . is it my thermostat
Starts great when cold,when it gets warm, will not start, will fire but not start. Let it cool and starts again.
I have no defrost and no heat, but the hoses are hot, and air blows cold though vents on all settings. I think it might be an blend door actuator failing, but there is not an code error. I not sure how to confirm this, or how to get the dash off. It will cost more than 600 dollars to removed dashboard from the local repair shop. Then the metter starts to run to make the repairs plus all the parts need. Does anyone have any ideas on how I might be able to repair my truck? I do not have alot of car repair know-how. I just know that when I tried a year ago to get above light consul switch fix when my truck was broken into there were no parts available for my truck. Is anyone elese having trouble getting parts for the rams? Any information would be great. Also the AC is not blowing cold air at all. Could there be a reason for both the AC and heat/defrost does not work?
My heat/AC will only come through my vents no matter where the selector knob is positioned. It's getting cold and I need to be able to defrost my widows. What would cause this and how do I fix it?
I was driving my car today when the battery light came on and everything else shut off. The car still ran, not well, but radio, heater fan, dash, speedometer, power windows, etc. would not work at all.
After I shut the car off it started again fine, but the electrical will only work for a few seconds.
Incidentally it snowed and got really cold for the first time today, if that might be related at all, I don't know.
What could be the cause?
need to replace ign.switch cylinder. do i have to remove switch from coloum
The check-engine light keeps coming on (4th time). Each time I take it to the Toyota dealer, they tell me that it was the gas cap (vapor lock)? How can this be prevented?
what type is the best for this car?
best time to change belts??