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How much will it cost me to put a use engine in a 2003 altima if i got the engine or if a shop got a use engine. thanks

What is the recommended weight of oil for my engine? I have constantly low oil pressure using 20W50.

With the heat/ac off, there is a light mist that comes from the vents. The windsheild also fogs up w/ defrost on .

A/C was not blowing cold air. used the A/C booster and now A/C BLOWS HOT air, and fan starts when i turn on the A/C. Could i have leaked out all of the refrigerant?

how does it cost to repair the transmission

how do i change the serpentine belt in my 2002 eclipse

Windshield wiper comes on without switch being turned on and goes at highest speed and will not turn off? Only stops when ignition key is turned off. However, when key is placed in ignition and engine is not turned on it works fine. I'm so disgusted with this problem. Have not read anyone else having this issue anywhere online. Please help; thanks in advance.

I have a 2004 for explorer, it wouldn't start the other day. I bought a new batter and it still wouldn't start. They said it was something to do with the alarm system, it wasn't recognizing the key. It would have to go to a ford dealer ship. Are they expensive do you know, or what can I do?

i have water coming out my tail pipe but no water in my oil and its hard to start at times is it the head gasket or is the heads cracked

As I told the GM Dealer it will crank but not start. This is an intermittent problem.
I replaced the fuel pump with an AC Delco now, twice. I have replaced the fuel pump relay too. I do not hear the pump engage as expected for 2-3 seconds when i turn the key to the on position. (Also it "very" briefly will start if i spray a little starting fluid down the intake.)

how do you change oil pan on c280 mercedes

So if my jeep "shakes" or "wobbles" when I put on my brakes at higher speeds it's my rotors??? what about alignment??

My sunroof is the newest electrical device to go insane in my Jetta Stationwagon...occasionally (not always) when i go to close the sunroof, or go from all the way open to vented position, it will get to the closed position, then instead of locking open back up about 3/4 of the way. I've checked for things blocking it's path, and there's nothing. Currently, if i turn the car OFF before it gets to where it re-opens, it USUALLY will close when i turn the car back on and switch the dial to the "close" position (sometimes this takes 3+ tries, however). Is this just the motor taking a dive on me?

These two Codes come up and it says "intake Manifold Runner Sensor-Bank 1" what do I need to replace?

I would like to know if there is a problem with the headlight wiring harness. I had to replace both of them.