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It blows cold 45 degrees or so when revving engine to 2000 rpm. When hot outside above 85 when idling raises to 50-60 depending on how hot is outside.
It want to start but it doesn't is it because I drove inside watery road it rained heavily and it showed me a sign of red battery on the dashboard I checked the engine everything is fine I think it might be petrol pump or maybe the alternator might have water inside as I was driving in heavily rained road
Fuel gauge not working but light stays on and gas is In car
Van ran fine before having springs replaced on front. Oil light on, a pecking/knock in motor, and after it warms up it will die. But once it idles there is no sound. Whats wrong?
In a trade I received a 91 chevy Astro van that had been sitting for about a year. I don't know anything about them. The battery was no good so I replaced it and it cranked right up and ran. After a handful of starts it's stopped holding an idea. It will crank and kick over after a few long turns of the key. But it only lasts for 2 seconds before it stalls out. I've tried popping it into gear to move it a but but dies as soon as I put it into any. I can keep it running if I tap the gas every few seconds. I checked the ODB and it pulls no codes. I looked at what I guess you would consider the fuel injection and both are spray fuel into the engine. Maybe I'm about to replace the fuel filter then pump if it doesn't work. I'm trying to not put a lot of money it since I wat to get rid of it. Any thoughts are appreciated. If im going down the wrong cheak list please let me know.
Just got this car last week. 3 or 4 times turn key won't do anything. Then it'll start. Turn key on. lights come on. Dash lights. But won't turn over. Last two days been raining. So hasn't started in 2 days. Seen on another forum lots other people had same problem. But no one seem to have the answer.
The horn blew on its own in the middle of the night, then quit working, two days ago, tonight the ESP/BAS light and traction control symbol came on and stayed on. Could these be related, and due to clock spring. Needing fixed ASAP due to being time for inspection and registration.
Waiting for light car Dudley takes off with your foot on brake
This car was given to me it runs but will not move in any gear. When you shift back to park it grinds or clicks on the park pin. Is it the transfer case transmission or both?? I understand this is a common problem for these cars. Please help.
number 5 cylinder have a misfire and sometime the engine service like blink the misfire is mostly at idle speed i change number 5 spark plug i put it in number 1 cylinder and i put number 1 spark plug in number 5 cylinder and the misfire is still in number 5 cylinder that didn't stop the miss when i take number 5 spark plug out it is real white on the electrode is that a sign the plug is to hot what cause the plug to look like that? this engine dose have a throttle body.
speedo dosen't work but can't retreive codes.
Replaced fuel pump and engine will turn over but won't start
2009 Hyundai Sonata, 70k miles, trouble pumping gas lately, keeps shutting off. Could it be the gas cap/seal? Do I have to wait days to see if it resolves itself?
My coolant reservoir cracked open and sprayed coolant at some exposed wires that I believe lead to my camshaft. How do I replace these wires?