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I don’t no y the car burns oil so fast is it normal?
No problem just asking
Just wondering
Anti theft system won’t let tha crook start it up to steal it?
Just want to know that it won’t mess anything up
Cold starts, noisey, no power steering, long after driving noise hoes away, rough idle

is it a fuel issue
My 2009 Toyota Corolla s is making a sound in the back but I jacked the car up and tried to see if the wheel had any play but it doesn’t the car only makes this sound when I’m going over 30 mph. Please help. the car has me freaked out I even stoped the car and it has been home for like a two weeks.
parked the car on a steep hill got back in and brakes only worked when pressed really hard and not alot of stopping power no assistance at all drove home replaced 2 small brake lines in rear and brake booster bled them the best I could got a lot of air outand brakes worked pretty good still felt like a tiny bit of air but worked rest that day then the next morning felt spongy again granite I'm unable to bleed the rear left wheel due to snapping the bleeder valve could that affect the bleeding process or could I force it all the way through to the rear right to expelled the air .just don't understand why it worked pretty good not 100% but next day went to a lot worse again I also did cycle the abs to get any air out of it via an abs stop on gravel
I try to fixed them but after many miles comes check engine light and the car reduce the power! I put the new throttle body and I still have trouble!
Thank you so much!
Power at range but no reverse lights and no start! U can cross relay over and start! Trans not working!?
i took it i for rear wheel bearing assembly, a knuckle and rear brakes due to the severty of my problem. when i took it in , understandably, the 4x4 randomly blinked, the abs and advance traction light were solid. when i picked it up and after paying $1`000 for the repairs, my lights are still on. when I took it back they said it was a sensor in the rear wheel that it would cost me another $100. i was not willing to give them more of my money as I feel those lights should have been dealt with upon completion on their part.
how much is a sensor and is this a job I can do? i really want my those sensor lights off.
I really feel like i have been smoozed the moment I walked in their door. was I over charged?
I bought my car at 35,467. Now its 38,653 . Do I wait for my odometer to reach 5,000 miles ?
When it started this it would not have sound for a 20 30 minutes as time went on it would stay off Day no sound now I have no sound at all