Problems Shifting Into 3rd Gear on Honda Accord

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Some models have shift quality problems when shifting into third gear. A new "third gear set" from Honda will address this issue.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 102,791 (5,000–272,000)
Drive Trains affected: Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission
15 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, more1995, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
101 people reported this problem
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My honda accord 1991 has a problem with the gears also it only gets to the 2nd gear and does not go into 3rd, it suddenly slips into nutral gear, I have taken it to mechanics and can not make it work, and also the dash board does not mark the speed, temperature, gas, and gear, and also the RPMs??? whats the problem with my car? help...
Car will shift once it hits 40 mph and has a sustained humming roaring noise. I feel for sure it is the transmission, waiting to hear back from dealership.
For the most part, when trying to shift into third gear it kicks it back and grinds..have to keep trying till 3rd gear is locked. Should i change the clutch or transmission?
car will not shift into 3rd gear,three fixes later still not fixed at honda dealer
When you first start to drive the car it won't go into 3rd or 4th until it warms up. What could this be. The transmission fluid is fine
Bought a 2000 Accord EX .. a few weeks ago and I'm already having problems with the transmission ....It shift slightly hard in 1st gear but glide in to second... which caused the check engine light to come on when driving less then 45 miles away ..I drove my car to Auto Zone to find out what caused check engine light to come on. They connect it to a meachine the code read, incorrect gear ratio ...malfunction in value body ... but they also suggested that I get fulid change a new filer .....but wen i took it AMMCCO they said I needed to replace transmission ...
I installed a new transmission module control unit which is located until the passenger floorboard and it fixed this problem.
not a secure shift into 3rd gear. if i don't apply a lot of pressure and hold shifter in third while releasing the clutch,the shifter is bearly in gear and has even popped out of gear.
same exact problem since iv got the car wich iv had for about 2 years now
At first it was difficult to shift into 3rd gear when on the road. Also shift very stubborn and difficult when trying to go into reverse. Now shifting into ANY gear is stiff and difficult!
Bought our 5 speed manual Accord new in 08, started having 3rd gear shift problems at 5,000 miles. It would occasionally pop out of third and grind. Dealership told me it was how I was shifting it. Really? They couldn't replicate it. Go figure. Told me there were no known issues. Tried a gear lube change with Honda conventional gear lube. It worked for about five thousand miles. Ended up having a trusted mechanic change the gear lube and put in BG Syncroshift 2 synthetic and bingo! It shifted like butter! That was more than 50 thousand miles ago and my car has 84K + now. It's just started to do it again, so the wife tells me... time to change it again... So if you are having problems with this, just give synthetic gear lube a try.
While I'm driven down the road shift 1.2.3.Gear I have problem for 3 gear I thought it just me having problem I go online alot people have the same problem I'm glad I didn't sell try to find garage fix it..thank
I posted earlier about my car popping out of third gear and grinding on the upshift. I changed the gear lube again with synthetic with the same results as before - smooth as butter shifts. Try this before getting the third gear set replaced, it's a lot cheaper. - ICU812