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Power windows stopped working. on Hyundai Elantra

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I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra & all my power windows stopped working at once. No other problems noted.
My front passenger side window has gone crazy. Now I can only open it using the drivers side control and close it using only the passenger side control. Sometimes it won't even go open. I don't even open that window anymore for fear that I may never get it to close!
Front passenger window switch no longer rolls window down, only up. Driver console still works. Also, passenger front window is beginning to struggle when rolled past about half way either up or down. Signs the hardware is failing
all but the drivers power windows stopped working. it cost me 1,000 to have the switches and corroded wiring harness replaced. I have a hard time believing that I am the only person with this problem. the dealer said they have never seen this before. I take very good care of my car. will someone enlighten me?
Hyundai Elantra power windows goes down , but does not want to go up.

I fixed this problem by stipping the power switches and filling down the inner metal contracts. I put the switchs back together and got all my windows to work.

The Contacts get burnt , beacuse of the high current the window motor draws.
All of the windows in the car except the front driver side window had stopped working. I checked the fuses, switches and the motors but there were no problems. My gut feeling is that its a wiring problem.
Drivers side window switch damaged. All buttons work except pass side. Although pass. Side switch remains fully functional
All windows began working intermittently then they stopped working completely. Slow-blow fuse ok and relay ok. Not sure what the problem is.
The passenger power window button, on both the driver and passenger side, will not work. At first, the button would not work on the driver's side. Then, after a month or so of reaching over everytime to roll my passenger window down, the passenger button no longer works.
Same as everyone else. Crappy Hyundai power windows always going out happened once after 30k or so. Under warranty so was free. Happened again w all of them after another 30k or so.
One by one they went: left rear at 100k miles. Right rear at 110k miles. Right front at 118k miles. Finally, driver's window at 130k miles. From what I understand, there is a ceramic component that is part of the window pulley assembly that wears over time and breaks/shatters/crumbles into a few pieces. I heard that Hyundai wants about $250 to $300 per window to repair. I can see why, as it's almost impossible to get in the window well. Well, that's too much money for me (it almost surpasses the value of the car if I did all 4). I wedged the windows up with some PVC piping and some pressure treated wood. Seems to be working. I do miss the fresh air, though.
Driver side window came off track and then a few weeks later all windows stopped working. So, one window is stuck up while three are stuck down. The problem hasn't been fixed yet. I tarp my car. When it rains, I get wet. If it's cold, so am I.
left rear window does not wind up Down works ok. Seems no power winding down from the front switch or the rear switch.
Swapped rear swithes left and right with the same issue. new motor installed