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Toyota Camry Power Steering Leak From Pump and/or Hose

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The power steering pump and power steering hoses tend to develop leaks, particularly in the V6 models.

I took my 2007 Camry in for inspection, and they said I needed a power steering arm, because my car was leaking power steering fluid. Their was no power steering fluid leaking on the ground. I had just took my car in for a 85,000 mile check about 3 weeks before and they said everything was ok. My car was only there for 4 hours, the part was $1,093.00 and the labor was $1,012.00. I just though this was to much for labor. Most places charges between $65.00 and $100.00 for labor, I just could believe this. I feel like since I was a women I was just cheated out of my money. -
I am adding fluid every two weeks. Upon disassembling the pump there is nothing obvious leaking. -
Visitor, 2008 Toyota Solara Camry, 59,345 mi For 2008 Toyota Camry XLE V6 a dealer wants to: Replace power steering rack (leaking at boot), perform power steering fluid exchange and alignment afterward = $1150.00. I need a second option to make sure the leak is not from somewhere else and or to determine it has to be replaced at this high price. 10/01/2012 -
For 2006 Toyota Camry XLE V6 a dealer wants to: Replace power steering high pressure line (leaking) = $849.72 Replace power steering rack (leaking at boot), perform power steering fluid exchange and alignment afterward = $1309.71 (open estimate on power steering pump). I need to shop around for better price. It is disappointing that Toyota is not reliable when it comes to power steering parts. 8/22/2012 -
Power Steering Pressure Hose leaking and then replaced, but still leaking, then replaced clamp. Now having problems with noise when steering. I'm being told may have to replace pump or rack and pinion down the road because leak may have done damage. Not happy with this at this mileage, and not very happy with my mechanic, either, because after it was "fixed" for $425 by replacing power steering pressure hose, it was STILL leaking, which is probably when the damage happened, as before it was "fixed" never had any actual problems with the steering - no noise, nothing. -
leaking power steering pump. I haven't had it fixed yet, just been adding p/s fluid. I came to this site to see how much it would cost. -
I have 2005 Toyota Camry 4cycle has same issue the power steering makes noise when turning. I am not the original owner I don't know if this cover by the recall? -
Our powersteering fluid keeps leaking. We have changd the powersteering hose several times and the fluid continues to leak after a few days. -
Dealer reported leaking power steering hose. Cost $280 labor plus parts to repair. -
It is very difficult to turn, almost impossible. -
Power steering arm start to leaking at 80,000 miles. -
Started groaning on startup, more noticeable in sub freezing weather, and increased noise when rotating steering wheel. Noise getting progessively worse. No leaks yet. Original owner, all service at dealership, no accidents. -
While doing oil change, High Pressure power steering hose was found leaking. The shop wants $201.08 for the hose, $69.99 for a flush and $85.00 for labor, total $356.07 to replace. Seems like a lot, but after seeing what others are paying, this is cheap ???? -
Power steering fluid leak -
Dealer says power steering linkage leaks. Wants $800 to order the parts. -
Leak in power steering system. Keep having to top off fluid reservoir every week. -
warranty covered leaking also transmission seal leaking -
Power steering leak that had to be fixed.I am now also having to fix a oil pan leak.Will cost 400.00 -
leaking power steering fluid. Dealership says I need to replace entire system costing at 1,500 dollars -
Hose was replaced. It went through a lot of fluid until we figured out where it was coming from. -
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